North by Northwest announces the participants in its training programme

06. April 2004
Supported by the EU’s MEDIA Programme since 1996, North by Northwest recently
launched its new training programme, East of Eden, which is targeted specifically at industry practitioners working in the EU candidate countries and offers professional training in feature film development to screenwriter / director / producer teams working on high potential projects aimed at reaching audiences beyond national boundaries; films telling local stories while tapping into universal themes. In this pilot year, 5 teams have been selected:
  • With the project “Tea”: Hanna A.W. Slak (Wr./Dir.) and Dimitrij Gracner (Pro.) from Slovenia
  • With the project "Yuma": Piotr Mularuk (Wr./Dir.) and Piotr Reisch (Pro.) from Poland
  • With the project "Installation of Love": Maja Weiss (Wr./Dir.) and Ida Weiss (Pro.) from Slovenia
  • With the project "Super": Andres Maimik (Wr./Dir.), Arbo Tammiksaar (Wr.) and Pille Rünk (Pro.) from Estonia
  • With the project "U-Bahn": Ondrej Kavalír (Wr./Dir.), Jaroslav Rusis (Wr.) and Jirí Konecný (Pro.) from the Czech Republic
Working alongside international tutors with proven industry track records, each participating team will develop their feature film project through a series of three residential workshops. Using the established methodology of North by Northwest’s existing programmes – essentially that of a Socratic forum founded on Czech filmmaker Frank Daniel’s approach and methodology to training and learning – the participants will be presented with a series of questions to ask about their projects, their ideas and their ambitions. By focusing firmly on communication, understanding and collaboration between the three key players in the development and production process, and by looking deep into the foundation of the screenwriter’s story, the director’s vision, and the producer’s production and development plan, participants will learn the tools and techniques to analyse, clarify, develop and enrich their material, and maximise the project’s potential to secure trans-national funding, to get made and to get seen. For further information contact:
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