The Tours of the Festivals in March, April and May

18. May 2004
The journeys of Slovenian films abroad were influenced by the enlargement of the European Union. All over Europe the festivities went on, among them also the projections of the films from the new member states. For this purpose Slovenia contributed a selection of our newest productions.
Spare Parts was shown in the frame of the 4th International Festival, which went on from 25 March to 2 April in Belfast. Their neighbours the Scots, more accurately, the organisers of the Edinburgh International Festival, organised projections of the films from the new member states in Brussels. There, Spare Parts received a warm welcome in the first days of May. Immediately after that this film went to Lithuania to the "Vilnius Spring", where the cinematographies of the new member states were also presented. In the frame of the European Union the films Sweet Dreams and Express Express were shown between 27 April and 4 May in Paris. Together with Cheese And Jam, the film Spare Parts was invited to the . The former was shown in the "Balkan Film Showcase" section. The ten-day festival started on 4 March. (A)torsion, which was shown at the international festival Cinequest in the city of San Jose, USA, also proves that projections at the festivals were very frequent in the month of March. This festival took place between 3 and 14 March. Then the audience in Minneapolis was also excited about the film between 2 and 17 April. (A)torsion was also shown at the international short films festival in Lille, France, which took place from 8 to 12 March, and at the international short film festival in Algarve, Portugal. This festival took place from 3 to 8 May. (A)torsion was also shown in München at the Station Transition event, where the works of young authors were presented. Bread And Milk by the director Jan Cvitkovic was also presented at this event. The films were shown in the beginning of May. Blind Spot was presented at the special projections in Leipzig from 2 to 3 March, and Peterka: The Year Of Decision, a documentary about our ski jump ace, was shown in Budapest at the festival of Central and Eastern European films. The audience also responded very well to it at the "Torn Curtain" festival in Rome, which took place from 22 to 29 April. Recently it was shown at another European Union festival in Linz, which is also the last stop for this film before Cannes. The Austrian Film Archive prepared a retrospective of the new member states, which shows that Europe would like to get to know us better. Slovenia will be represented by Cheese And Jam, Ljubljana, Express Express and In The Mountains. The retrospective lasts from 28 April until as late as 7 July. The films also journeyed overseas. In the USA Spare Parts was presented at the international festival in Philadelphia on 17 April, while Blind Spot by the director Hanna A. W. Slak was presented in Buenos Aires at the "Woman & Film" section. This festival took place between 11 and 20 March. In The Mountains had its American premiere at the Cleveland International Festival, where it received a warm welcome from the Slovenians abroad. At this festival, which lasted from 18 to 28 March, it was shown in the competition section. That the tours of the festivals are not going to end with the heat of the summer is obvious from the confirmations of the participation of Slovenian films at the following festivals. In The Mountains is going to be shown at the international festival in Valencia, Spain (15 - 24 July), the short animated film Perk is going to appear at the international festival of short films ARCHIPELAGO (4 - 10 June), and Orphan with the Miraculous Voice is going to be shown at the InCurt festival (2 - 6 June), where A(torsion) won an award last year. The fact that The Beezes by Grega Mastnak has only begun its promotional tour is proved by the festivals, where its projections were confirmed; that is the international festival in Zlin (where Cheese And Jam is also going to be shown), the Tribeca Film Festival, which is still going on at the moment, the International Animated Film Festival in Zagreb - Animafest, which begins on the last day of May, and the international festival in Sarajevo (20 - 28 August) . They also showed interest in The Beezes in Asia, where it is going to appear at the Pushon International Festival in Korea, which is going to take place from 15 to 24 July, and the International Animated Film Festival in Tokyo, which is to take place from 13 to 22 August. The short film Last Wish has been invited to the competition section of the 12th International Art Film Festival in Trencianske Teplice. You can find more information about the upcoming festivals at