The Omnibus Visions of Europe touring the Film Festivals

21. June 2004
The international omnibus Visions of Europe, in which 25 renowned European film authors participated, among them the Slovenian film director Damjan Kozole, is shortly going to be presented as a part of the collection in the Modern Art Museum in New York. The omnibus, recently also shown on Slovenian national television, has already been shown at numerous television stations and festivals, and in the beginning of August it is going to be shown at the
international film festival in Locarno in the official selection "Cinéastes de notre temps / Filmmakers of the Present". The omnibus Visions of Europe is going to conclude its summer with a premiere at the international film festival in Copenhagen. On the 25 August all 25 producers and 25 directors from 25 countries of the European Union, among them Peter Greenaway, Aki Kaurismaki, Bela Tarr and also Damjan Kozole, are going to gather at this festival; the gathering is going to be organised by the Danish production house Zentropa, which produced this omnibus. After the formal premiere all the directors are going to present themselves to the Danish audience.