Media Announcement

16. August 2004
The short film
Heart Is a Piece of Meat by the director Jan Cvitkovic qualified for the 61st film festival in Venice. 900 short films from all over the world attempted to qualify for the short film competition section (Corto Cortissimo), and 26 films made it into the final selection. After three years Jan Cvitkovic is returning to Venice, where with his feature film debut Bread And Milk he made one of the greatest achievements of the last decade: he received the Lion of the Future award. Thus the production house Arkadena became a trademark for high-quality Slovenian short films. In the year 1998 they qualified for the competition section of the Cannes festival with The Balkan Roulette by Zdravko Barisic. In the year 2000 the film Hop, Skip And Jump by Srdjan Vuletiæ received the award for the best short film in Panorama, a section of the Berlin Film Festival. In 2004 Atorsion by Stefan Arsenijeviæ received the Golden Bear for the best short film of the Berlin Festival, and in the same year the film also became the candidate for the Academy Awards. This year two films will represent Slovenia in Venice: the short film Heart Is a Piece of Meat is going to appear in the official competition program, while Suburbs by Vinko Möderndorfer will be shown among the 12 films of the new section Days of the Authors (Giornate degli autori).