Autumn of festivals

06. October 2004
We have prepared a short review of the journeys of Slovenian films around the world in autumn. Let us see where our films were shown in September and where they are headed in October.
(A)torsion has just come back from Athens, where it was presented at the 10th International Short Film Festival in Drama. In October the French viewers will be able to see (A)torsion at the festival Cinessone, which is to take place from 2 to 16 October in Ris-Orange. The film The Beezes is on its tour from the north to the south of Europe as we speak, and then it is headed overseas to the United States. Between 15 and 18 September it was seen in Copenhagen (Denmark) at the BUSTER International Children's Festival, and right now it is on its way to France to the 5th international festival "Du grain a demoudre", which begins on 8 October and lasts for 8 days. During the last ten days of October The Beezes will bring joy to Americans. First it will appear at the International Children's Festival in Chicago, and then in New York at the Film Columbia festival. The Orphan With The Magical Voice was at the German festival Film Fest Hamburg between 23 and 30 September. On 15 October this film is going to travel to Thailand together with the documentary film Peterka: The Year of Decision, where the World Film Festival Bangkok is going to take place until 24 October. Heart is a Piece of Meat is travelling to our neighbouring country Croatia from Italy, where it was successfully presented at the 61st Mostra. Between 12 and 16 October the viewers will be able to see it at the Zagreb Film Festival. Cheese And Jam has had a successful summer; it received the Audience Award at the festival in Paliæ and the Award for Best Male Role at the 25 La Mostra of Valencia in Spain. In September this film went to as many as three festivals: Umea Film Festival in Sweden (16 September – 22 September), Hamburg Film Fest in Germany (23 September – 30 September) and Terra di Sienna in Italy (29 September – 3 October). On 22 October it is invited to the 26th Mediterranean Film Festival in Montpellier to the Panorama section. Beneath Her Window has just come back from the Swedish Umea Film Festival; in the first half of October it is going to be shown in Belgium, Korea and Poland:
  • Flanders International Film Festival, Gent, Belgium, 5 – 16 October,
  • Warsaw International Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland, 7 – 18 October,
  • Pusan International Film Festival, Pusan, Korea, 7 – 15 October.
    On 20 October this film is invited to the capital of England to the London International Film Festival.
We have already reported the successes of the film Suburbs in the month of September. The film is going to continue its extraordinarily successful festival tour also in October - it has been invited to as many as three festivals, and actually into the official competition program of all three:
  • Starz International Film Festival, Denver, USA, 14 – 24 October,
  • 26th International Mediterranean Film Festival, Montpellier, France, 22 – 31 October,
  • 23rd International Festival of Film Debuts, Koszalin, Poland, 20 – 23 October.
In the Mountains has been invited to Canada to the Vancouver International Film Festival, taking place from 1 to 8 October. Headnoise has just returned from Berlin, where it was presented between 21 September and 2 October at the Internationales Literatur Festival. In Haag, Netherlands, the films Bread And Milk and the short film BE represented us in September at the festival for the new member states of the European Union Filmhuis. The 27th international children's festival LUCAS in Frankfurt has shown Summer in the Seashell 1 in the special classic children's films from the new members of the European Union.