Two Slovenian Films receive awards in Montpellier

08. December 2004
At the 26th International Mediterranean Film Festival in Montpellier two of the six awards intended for feature films went to two Slovenian feature films.
Suburbs by the writer and director Vinko Möderndorfer received the award for the best film according to the young audience, while a co-production film by the director Srdjan Koljeviæ (Serbia and Monte Negro, Germany, Slovenia) Red Coloured Grey Truck has received the award of the audience Midi Libre.

The main jury award Golden Antigone went to the Turkish feature film Boats out of Watermelon Rinds by the director Ahmet Ulucay, while the critics' award went to the Croatian film Here directed by Zrinko Ogrest.

The Slovenian audience will be able to see Suburbs at the upcoming 7 Festival of Slovenian Film. At this festival Red Coloured Grey Truck will be shown for the first time; this film has also been chosen for the 15th Ljubljana International Film Festival LIFF together with the Croatian film Here.