Autumn awards

12. December 2004
This autumn harvest was plentiful. Altogether Slovenian films received as many as 10 international awards.

We received:

- 2 awards: short film HEART IS A PIECE OF MEAT (Cottbus and Gijon),

- 1 award: feature film SUBURBS (Montpellier),

- 1 award: documentary film PETERKA: THE YEAR OF DECISION (Milano),

- 1 award: feature film CHEESE AND JAM (Siena),

-1 award: short film ATORSION (Teheran),

- 4 awards: co-production RED-COLOURED GREY TRUCK (Montpellier, Mannheim).

Where were our films in November?

Recently short films BE, Last Wish and Beezes came back from the Irish Seagate Foyle Film Festival. Beezes was also shown in Greece at the Olympia international film festival, at the CINEMAGIC festival in Belfast, Ireland, and at the CINANIMA festival in Portugal.

Apart from the successful presentations in Gijon and Cottbus, Heart is a Piece of Meat also bravely represented Slovenia at the Intenational Film Festival in Stockholm.

In the end of October our animations were presented at the 9th Animated Film Festival and Serbia and Monte Negro. Bongo, Bank, Synthetic Humour, Authority, Crossroads 2, How to Get Rid of Macho, Perkmandeljc and The Mask Maker were shown there.

After the great success in Montpellier, Suburbs had a German premiere at the film festival in Cottbus.

Beneath Her Window journeyed from the north of Europe to the south and was shown at four international film festivals (Rejkjavik, London, Cardiff, Solun). At this moment it can be seen at the international film festival in Bratislava and at the Blacknights Film Festival in Talin.

Guardian of the Frontier and Rustling Landscapes went to India together, where they had their Indian premiers at the Calcuta Film Festival in the new section Forum of New Cinema.

From the Czech Children and Youth Festival FILMAK, In the Mountains went overseas to the Ottawa Film Festival (Canada).

In November, Cheese And Jam travelled around the United States, first to St. Louis and then to Washington to the international film festival, where, according to the American Film Institute, it had the largest audience at that festival.