"Spare Parts" - the First Slovenian Film to be Published on DVD Abroad

02. November 2005
Soda Pictures distribution house from London is going to release a DVD with the Slovenian film "Spare Parts" by Damjan Kozole in November.

Spare Parts is one of the most successful Slovenian films internationally – it was shown at many European and British cinemas last year and got excellent reviews; in the British daily newspaper Guardian it was even proclaimed one of the most important films of the year.

The DVD release is going to include some previously unreleased scenes and the short film Europe, which Kozole made last year as a part of the international omnibus "Visions of Europe". The Guardian's critic, who wrote that Spare Parts is a "strong, provocative, extraordinary film", is quoted on the cover of the DVD.

Obviously Kozole is a recognized filmmaker in Great Britain - all major British newspapers and magazines wrote about him; "Spare Parts" was shown at the prestigious Edinburgh festival, and British distributors are already seriously interested in the distribution of the new Kozole's film "Labour Equals Freedom".

This DVD release is just another confirmation of his reputation. Spare Parts will go down in history as the first Slovenian film to be published on DVD or video abroad.