A Retrospective of Kozole's Films in Vancouver and Cleveland, and the United States DVD Release of "Spare Parts"

06. November 2005
The retrospective of films by the director Damjan Kozole is going to take place on 7 November in the Pacific Cinematheque in Vancouver, and then also in December in the Cleveland Cinematheque at the Instutute of Arts.

 The Vancouver organisers refer to Kozole as the "rising star", "decisive humanist", and his films "provide a fascinating glance at modern Slovenian society struggling with a hard and complex process of transition". The films are accompanied with quotes from the reviews published in Variety, Chicago Reader and Guardian. The Cleveland Cinematheque wrote that "from a small country with an even smaller cinematography comes an internationally acclaimed director, whose films will for the first time be shown in a city with the largest number of Slovenians outside Slovenia.

Until now, Kozole's films were, with much success, presented at the American Film Institute (AFI) in Washington, at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York, the Facets Multimedia Centre in Chicago and at the Canadian Film Institute in Ottawa. Numerous important media published very positive responsive to the first retrospective of any Slovenian director on the North American continent.

After the release in Great Britain, Kozole's film "Spare Parts" has just been released on DVD in the United States. The American distributor Film Movement proclaimed it the film of the month. In both Great Britain and United States this has been the first DVD release of any Slovenian films.