World Days of Slovenian Film

17. November 2005
From 21 to 24 November 2005 projections of four Slovenian films are going to take place at more than 45 universities all over the world, including all Slovenian universities.

The project was organised at the occasion of the Hundredth Anniversary of Slovenian Film at the incentive of Maša Guštin, who teaches Slovenian language at the University of Gdansk. It was designed and organised by the participants of the program Slovenian language at Foreign Universities, taking place in the context of the Centre for Slovenian as a Second / Foreign Language of the Department of Slovenian Language at the Faculty of Arts of the University in Ljubljana.

A booklet on the project was also published, where the films which are going to be shown are presented together with their directors: DANCE IN THE RAIN, RUSTLING LANDSCAPES, CHEESE AND JAM and the fiction – documentary film FROM THE EAST; the booklet also contains a short history of Slovenian film and the thoughts of Mitja Èander on the relation between films and books.

The goal of these projections is to present a part of the Slovenian film production and also Slovenian culture, civilisation and language to the wider international range of viewers. At the same time this was an opportunity for the lecturers of the Slovenian language at foreign universities and their students to form contacts, since they are going to organise these projections together and translate the booklet into the languages of all countries where the World Days of Slovenian Film are taking place. We are glad that the project was enthusiastically supported by the universities, which include Slovenian in its study programs, all over the world.

The feature films were contributed by the Film Fund of the Republic of Slovenia, and the film From the East was contributed by the Scientific Research Centre of the University of Primorska. The projections are to be organised in the context of the universities where the lecturers of the Slovenian language work, and the consular - diplomatic missions of the Republic of Slovenia abroad are going to help with the organisation.