Slovenian Film Classics on DVD

17. November 2005
This week the DVDs with the films KEKEC and HANG ON, DOGGY were released in the Slovenian Classics Collection.

These are the first two DVDs of the collection, created in co-operation with the Andromeda distribution company and the Film Fund of the Republic of Slovenia.

The short documentary on the making on the film, the documentary portrait of the director Jože Gale and a photo gallery were also added to the film KEKEC from 1951.

A photo gallery was added to the DVD with the film Hang On, Doggy by the director Janez Kavčič.
Both films have Slovenian, English, Croatian and Serbian subtitles.

Hang On, Doggy and Kekec were reformatted for television screening and the colours and the sound were processed in the Hungarian laboratory Magyar Filmlabor and at Viba Film Ljubljana.