Award-winning Weekend for Tuning and Gravehopping

16. June 2006
The 8th International Film Festival took place in Naples from 4 to 11 June. For the first time a Slovenian film was the winner; Tuning by Igor Šterk was presented with the main award – the Vesuvio Award.

The jury explained its decision: “A simple but successful presentation of a middle-class family living their predictable and safe everyday life, which is suddenly turned upside down because of frustrations and lies between a married couple.” This is the second international award for Tuning after winning the main award in the Manheim Film Festival. The film was produced by A. A. C. Productions and financially supported by the Slovenian Film Fund – Public Fund. Starring Peter Musevski, Nataša Burger, Polona Juh, and Andraž Polič.

A bit further in the Mediterranean, in Setubal, Portugal, the 22nd edition of the Troia Film Festival was held between 2 and 11 June and awarded Jan Cvitkovič’s Gravehopping with a Special Jury Award – Silver Dolphin. Besides the official award the film was also presented with the special award CICAE, given by International Confederation Of Art Cinemas. These two are the tenth and eleventh award for the film produced by Staragara and with financial support of the Slovenian Film Fund – Public Fund. Starring Gregor Bakovič, Drago Milinoviæ, Sonja Saviæ, Mojca Fatur, Brane Grubar, and Nataša Matjašec.

After winning the Altadis Award on the International Film Festival in San Sebastian in September 2005, the film Gravehopping was already being regularly distributed in Spain, and by now, arrangements for distribution in Scandinavia, Italy, and Hungary have already been made.