Ljubljana the beloved by director Matjaž Klopčič at the Moscow Film Festival

27. June 2006

The film will be presented in the official programme Films Around the World. Visitors of the festival will have the opportunity to see the film in four screenings. After Moscow festival, the film will also be presented at the 53rd Pula Film Festival; in the programme of films Croatian co-producers cooperated in. Besides Ljubljana the Beloved also the films Gravehopping, Go west, and Grbavica are to be screened.

Ljubljana the Beloved was produced by Arsmedia and co-financed by the Slovenian Film Fund. Starring Igor Samobor, Iva Kranjc, Kristijan Guček, and Nataša Barbara Gračner.

The Austrian director Michael Haneke, however, provided for some agitation at the Moscow Film Festival before its beginning, when he informed the organiser that he could not be the chairman of the grand jury due to shooting a film in the USA. His place was taken by the Polish director Andrzej Zulawski.