Shooting of Installation of Love is concluded

25. September 2006
On Sunday, 17th September 2006, the shooting of the feature film Installation of Love was successfully brought to an end. The director and co-script writer of the film is Maja Weiss.

This is her second feature, being made with the support of the Film Fund of the Republic of Slovenia and in the co-production of RTV Slovenia, Iluzija (Ljubljana), and Taris Film (Germany). The main producer of the film is Ida Weiss with the production company Bela Film.

“Installation of Love” is a comic drama about love and art. The artist Miloš helps Mojca find her love again with the help of art installation and in a cruel way. This way Mojca finds the reason to live and Miloš gets his artistic satisfaction in this new art installation. Everything is alright until we find out that this is only a story in the film shot by the crew and all of them are merely actors ‘performing’ the story.

“Installation of Love” is film in film, where main figures of the story are followed and observed by the film crew. Just like Mojca becomes an installation of Miloš's art project, they all become an installation of the film itself. Actors in the film become real people and the classic love story turns into comical absurd asking what illusion is and what reality is.

Most of the film was shot in the old part of Ljubljana and in a villa in Podutik. Some of the film sequences were also shot in Koper and Izola, and some in the romantic Karst, most in the garden of the Ferrari Villa in Štanjel that the recognised set designer Duško Milavec changed into an artistic paradise, rimmed with golden frames of landscape and veils.

After a long time, the beautiful Bernarda Oman returns on the screen. She plays Mojca in the film. Bernarda Oman marked numerous Slovenian films with her play (Love is the Ruin of Us All, To the Limit and Beyond, Heritage, the series Trubar) and series of one of the greatest Croatian directors Antun Vrdoljak (The Glembaj Family, Long Dark Night).

The role of Miloš was entrusted to the leading Slovenian actor Igor Samobor, the ace of the Ljubljana Drama. However, in the film field we cannot forget him as the neighbour in “Cheese and Jam” and as the Italian officer in “Ljubljana the Beloved”.

Other roles are as well played by known and recognised actors, among others Brane Završan (Vasko), Branko Jordan (Šenk), Polona Vetrih (journalist), Ivanka Mežan (Miloš’s neighbour), Medea Novak (secretary), while the comicality is ‘provided’ by Desa Muck (director), Andrej Rozman – Roza (screen writer), Žiga Saksida (director of cinematography), Vanja Plut (production secretary) and others.

Once again Bojan Kastelic was behind the camera, he is permanent collaborator of Maja Weiss. Apart from all of her films, Kastelic as well shot one of the most ambitious TV series about France Prešeren.

The film set design is made by Dušan Milavec that with his 30 years of experience in set designing contributed to the Academy Award winner “No Man’s Land”.

The film “Installation of Love” is to be edited by the German editor Peter Braatz, who also edited “Guardian of the Frontier” and among others worked with David Lynch and Wim Wenders. The rhythm of the film figures will be accompanied especially for the film written music of the American musician Chris Eckman, who is mostly known as the leading force of the worldwide known group The Walkabouts.