Slovenian Film Week in Budapest

02. October 2006
On Thursday, 28th September, the Slovenian Film Week in Budapest began. It is to conclude on 1st October. Organiser of the festival is the Budapest Film that wanted to present Slovenian film production of the last two years.

The opening film was Labour Equals Freedom directed by Damjan Kozole, and the films Gravehopping by Jan Cvitkovič, Bullets Miss the Fool by Mitja Novljan, Ruins by Janez Burger, and co-production Well Tempered Corpses directed by Benjamin Filipoviæ, who recently passed away, will also be screened.

The last major presentation of Slovenian film was organised in April 2002, when Hungarian audience could see films Bread and Milk, Sweet Dreams, Idle Running, Last Supper, and Fuckit. Both times, the place of the happening is the same; the cinema Mûvész. As well as in 2002, this year’s presentation of Slovenian filmography is organised with cooperation of the Film Fund of the Republic of Slovenia and the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Budapest.

The film Gravehopping will from Budapest go on to the 2nd Pécs International Film Festival that will take place between 2nd and 6th October. After that the film will be available in regular distribution.