Retrospective of Slovenian Short Film on the Siena Film Festival

14. November 2006
From 17th to 25th November the 11th Siena Short Film Festival will take place. A strong Slovenian presence is announced.

Festival selectors chose two films produced in 2006 for the competition programme.

Good Luck Nedim by Marko Šantič and Quick View by Matjaž Ivanišin were made by the Ljubljana Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television. Šantič’s film is successfully winning recognition on festivals across Europe, and it has also found its place among fourteen finalists for European Film Academy Awards, which are presented in the beginning of December.

Three programmes are to be represented in the retrospective: short film of all genres shot in the last decade, selection of the production of the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, and selection of short film by Karpo Godina, who will as well be a member of the international jury.

Most of the films will be screened in the programme of the last decade, where all the most successful short films are placed: the Golden Lion Award winner and the Academy Award nominee A torsion (2003) directed by Stefan Arsenijeviæ, winner of the Berlin Panorama festival Hop, Skip & Jump (2000) by Srdjan Vuletiæ, Child in Time by Maja Weiss that in 2004 ranged into the competitive programme of the Berlin Film Festival, and The Heart is a Piece of Meat by Jan Cvitkovič, that was chosen for the competitive programme of the 2004 Venice International Film Festival. The films A Short Anthem for My Country (1998) by Boris Palčič, F (2000) by Janja Glogovac, Glazier Blues (2001) by Harry Rag, and Miha Mazzini’s The Orphan with the Magic Voice (2003) also belong among significant short films with successful festival participations. As to animated films, the festival visitors will have the opportunity to see The Visit (1998) by Željko Ivančič, Crossroads 2 (2000) by Franci Slak and Miloš Radosavljeviæ, How to Get Rid of Macho (2000) by Marjan Manček, Dissident (2002) by Zdravko Barišiæ, six episode of animated serial Bezees (2003-2006) by Grega Mastnak, and this year’s Portorož winner, Nejc Saje’s Courtyard.

Documentary film will be represented by Janja Glogovac with I Was Elvis (1997) and Amir Muratoviæ with Portraits with Background, shot in the production of RTV Slovenia.

The cut through the creativity of the Ljubljana Academy students goes from 1984; when the film Night of Violence by Boris Palčič was made, to 1991, when the two milestone films were shot, The Goat Survived by Sašo Podgoršek and Maja Weiss’ Balkan Gunfighters, and to the last years and films The Ultimate Guide for Bachelors by Martin Srebotnjak, Trip Martin Turk, Worms by Robert Èernelc, and Fužine Rules by Goran Vojnoviæ.

In the retrospective of Karpo Godina his most known films from the end of 1960s and 1970s will be screened: Sunday Picnic, Fried Brain of Pupilija Ferkeverk, Healthy People for Pastime, I Miss Sonja Henie.

The retrospective will be accompanied by the text in the catalogue about the history of Slovenian short film written by Nerina T. Kocjančič. Beside the jury member Karpo Godina, Janja Glogovac and Grega Mastnak will as well participate in the retrospective.

This is the first retrospective of Slovenian short film abroad after 1995, and the fourth in 2006 after retrospectives in Bradford, Katowice and Budapest. Two more retrospectives are to take place in 2006; in Milan and in Finland.