Retrospective of Slovenian films in Finland

16. November 2006
This year Slovenian film was presented abroad on four retrospectives; after Bradford, Katowice, Budapest and Siena, it arrives on Finnish screens as well.

The retrospective will be opened on 20th November in the city of Jyväskylä by Jan Cvitkovič, the author of opening film Bread and Milk.

It will endure until the second half of December. Fourteem feature and shorts will be presented in 6 cinemas from Helsinki to Jyväskylä, reaching other major cities: Tampere, Oulu, Lahti, and Turku. With this event we wish to continue the last year’s initiative, when London hosted Slovenian films in the period Great Britain holded the Presidency of the European Union.

Finnish organiser is the Pirkanmaa Film Centre from Tampere, which is one of the Finnish exhibitors of films, associated into the art cinema network and also distribute films and educate. They also organise one of the most important international festival of short films.

Feature films programme: Bread and Milk, directed by Jan Cvitkovič, Tuning, directed by Igor Šterk, Spare Parts, directed by Damjan Kozole, Ruins, directed by Janez Burger, Beneath her Window, directed by Metod Pevec, Cheese and Jam, directed by Branko Djurič, Suburbs, directed by Vinko Möderndorfer.

Short film programme: Heart is a Piece of Meat, d by Jan Cvitkovič, (A) torsion, directed by Stefan Arsenijevič, Child in Time, directed by Maja Wiess, Bezees: Cherries, directed by Grega Mastnak, Bezees: South, directed by Grega Mastnak, Perkmandelc, directed by Dušan Kastelic, My first Cut, directed by Zdravko Barišič.

The event is organised by the Slovenian Film Fund, on the initiative of the Embassy of Finland in Slovenia and in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Helsinki.