Slovenian Films in Milan

23. November 2006
On Friday, 24th November, the opening of the last this year's retrospective is to take place in Milan.

After being presented in Bradford, Katowice, Budapest, Siena, and Helsinki, this will be the fourth display of Slovenian films organised by the Slovenian Film Fund in the year 2006. Films will be screened in the theatre Gnomo that in Milan is the reference theatre for national cinematographies presentations and the part of the Italian art cinema network.

The organiser named the event Slovenia express, and the following films are to be screened under the title: Express, express (1997) by Igor Šterk, Bread and Milk (2001) by Jan Cvitkovič, Blind Spot (2002) by Hanna W. Slak, and Rustling Landscapes (2002) by Janez Lapajne.

Beside the films of the last decade, they will also show the best Slovenian film of all times – Dancing in the Rain (1961) directed by Boštjan Hladnik.

Organisers in Milan are as well going to have the pre-premiere screening of the film Gravehopping that in the beginning of 2007 is to begin its way through Italian theatres, synchronised to Italian. Visitors to the pre-premiere in Milan will see the original version with Italian subtitles at the opening. Director Jan Cvitkovič will attend in the projection.

Other films will be screened with Italian subtitles too. The initiators of this event were Kinoatelje from Gorizia and the Consulate General of the Republic of Slovenia in Trieste that is also the sponsor of the retrospective.