Actress Iva Krajnc at Talinn Film Festival

04. December 2006
On the last film festival in Berlin Iva Krajnc was the Slovenian representative in the project Shooting Stars, which has been organised by the European Film Promotion (EFP) for ten years.

The project presents young European acting talents proposed by members of the EFP. The Slovenian Film Fund has been a member of the EFP since 2005, when it proposed Aleksandra Balmazovič,the first acting talent.

In Berlin Iva Krajnc also presented the film she last played in, Ljubljana the Beloved by director Matjaž Klopčič. However, the project Shooting Stars is also travelling to other film festivals. This time, between 4th and 6th December, the actors will present themselves on the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia.

Among twenty-one actors that were presented in Berlin in February, only eight actors will appear in Tallinn, Iva Krajnc being one of them. The film Ljubljana the Beloved will be shown on 5th and 6th December and after the first screening viewers will meet the actress from the Klopčič’s film.

Previously, the film Ljubljana the Beloved was shown on festivals in Moscow, Naples, and Trieste.

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