Jan Cvitkovič at the Philadelphia University in the USA

04. March 2008
In the academic year 2007/2008, the Arcadia University in Philadelphia focused on the Slovenian film, its history and contemporary developments.

From 3 to 7 March 2008 the director Jan Cvitkovič and publicist Denis Valič visited the students, contributing to several discussions, while the most important event is definitely the projection of two films by Jan Cvitkovič, taking place today, on 5 March, in the International House cinema. The students and other visitors will be able to see the films Bread And Milk (2001) and Gravehopping (2005). A discussion with the director will follow the screenings.

From February to March the students of the Arcadia University, joined also by the students of film studies from the University of Pennsylvania, will be able to see the selected contemporary Slovenian films. In May they are going to publish their evaluations, essays and comments on the films on a special website. You can already see the presentation of the Slovenian film and Slovenia at the Arcadia University website

The event was made possible by International House, the film studies department at the Pennsylvania University and the Film Fund of the Republic of Slovenia.