Filming Europe – EUFCN stands for European Film Commission Network, which represents the single entry point for film producers, interested in shooting in the European Union.

The association consists of 88 members, very diverse in terms of size and contents. Thus the members include national film commissions as well as regional and municipal film commissions. Some of these are financed abundantly in order to operate in their home regions and areas of influence, others are parts of different national film institutions, while some operate as non‑governmental organisations. Certain film commissions have the so‑called financial incentives of various amounts and values at their disposal in order to attract the national and foreign audiovisual productions. The diversity of this organisation makes it possible for everyone to gain insight into the efficiency and good practices involved in the individual forms of activities.

In the context of this association, experience is exchanged and its members cooperate in European projects and research as well as establish contacts among themselves. The representatives of its members meet regularly at the film festivals in Berlin and Cannes, and occasionally also at certain other opportunities. At the meetings reports on the past activities are accepted and operational plans for the subsequent periods are drawn up.


Angelica Cantisani, FILMING EUROPE Coordinator