Festivals and awards

The Slovenian Film Centre presents Slovenian films at the world film festivals. The most important of these are located in Cannes, Berlin and Venice. The festivals in Rotterdam, Toronto, Locarno, Karlovy Vary, San Sebastian and Montreal are not far behind.

For the Slovenian filmmakers, the film festivals in Sarajevo, Thessaloniki, Montpellier, Cottbus, Mannheim, Trieste and Zagreb are also important.

Sundance Film Festival in Park City and Tribeca in New York also have an important place among the festivals. Of the film festivals in the United States, the festivals in Cleveland, Santa Barbara, and Cinequest in California are relevant for the Slovenian authors.

The most important film awards for the Slovenian films include

  • The qualification of the film Class Enemy by the director Rok Biček among three nominees for the 2014 LUX prize
  • The qualification of the animated film Boles by the director Špela Čadež among the five nominees for the pan‑European short animated film award Cartoon d'Or 2014
  • The Best Documentary Film Award in Zagreb for the film Karpotrotter in 2014
  • The Fedeora Award for Best Film in the critics week programme in Venice for the film Class Enemy by the director Rok Biček in 2013
  • The Best Documentary Film Award in Trieste for the film The Alexandrians by the director Metod Pevec in 2012 · The Best Script Award in Montreal for the film Shanghai Gypsy in 2012
  • the "Altadis" Award for Best First or Second Films from San Sebastian for the film Gravehopping by the director Jan Cvitkovič in 2005
  • As many as three important awards: the Golden Bear at the Berlinale; the European Film Academy Award for Best Short Film; and the Academy Award Nomination for Best Short Film for the short film (A)torsion by the director Stefan Arsenijević in 2003
  • The "Manfred-Salzgeber" jury award at the Berlinale (Panorama section) for the film Guardian of the Frontier by the director Maja Weiss in 2002
  • the Lion of the Future at the Venice Film Festival for the film Bread and Milk by the director Jan Cvitkovič in 2001

Festivals and awards

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