Festival of Slovenian Film

The Festival of Slovenian Film (FSF) is an overview of the Slovenian audiovisual production, where every year the collection of feature and short live‑action, documentary and animated films, made in Slovenia in the previous year, is presented.

At the festival the Metod Badjura Award for Lifetime Achievement- the most eminent award in the field of filmmaking in Slovenia - is given.

The expert jury of the festival also gives the Vesna Awards for the most prominent filmmakers' achievements in the previous year. The Vesna Award symbolises the strength of the heroine from the legendary film with the same title directed by František Čap, a director of Czech descent, which represents one of the pillars of the Slovenian film history today.

This festival is the successor of the Slovenian Film Week in Celje, established in the 1970s and renamed as the Slovenian Film Marathon after the attainment of the Slovenian independence. This festival then moved to Portorož where, after a few migrations to other locations, it still remains today.

The Festival of Slovenian Film is a national event where filmmakers, professional community, international guests and other film enthusiasts meet.

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