Bojan Emeršič


Muri the Cat - Lunch (2018) animated short
Fountain (2017) fiction
Muri the Cat – Going for a Walk (2016) animated short
Two One (2015) fiction
Muri the Cat (2013) animation
Shanghai Gypsy (2012) fiction
Summer hit (2008) fiction feature
Rooster's Breakfast (2007) fiction feature
1/2 (2006) student fiction short
Rascals! (2001) fiction feature
Blues For Sarah (1999) fiction feature
Rift, The (1998) fiction feature
My Friend Arnold (1997) TV fiction short
Heroes of the Fifth Grade (1996) TV series (long)
Peter And Petra (1996) fiction short
Radio.doc (1995) fiction TV feature
Concrete Man (1995) fiction short
The President (1992) fiction TV feature
Miss Mary (1992) fiction TV feature
Woof-Woof (1991) fiction short
Grandma Goes South (1991) fiction feature
Koza je preživela (1991) student fiction short
The Windhunter (1989) fiction feature