Drago Ivanuša


Music author
How Much Do You Love Yourself? (2018) documentary feature
Every Good Story Is a Love Story (2017) documentary feature
The First 10 - Remake (2016) documentary
Selfie Without a Retouch (2016) documentary
Girls Don't Cry (2015) fiction
Avtošola (2014) fiction feature
Good To Go (2012) unknown
Silent Sonata (2010) fiction feature
On the Sunny Side of Alps (2007) fiction short
Ruins (2004) fiction feature
I am Vinko (2004) graduating fiction short
Tiigra (2001) short documentary video
Bread and Milk (2001) fiction feature
The Lake (2000) graduating fiction short
No More Heroes (2000) graduating fiction short
Porno Film (2000) fiction feature
Road (2000) graduating fiction short
The Tenth Planet (2000) student documentary short
The Garden (2000) student fiction short
Night In A Hotel (1999) student fiction short
Idle Running (1999) fiction feature
Vampire from Gorjanci (2008) fiction TV feature
Sonia (2007) middle short