Boštjan Kačičnik


Dar Fur – War for Water (2008) documentary
Sound designer
Intertwining Threads of Modern Artists (2018) documentary TV feature
Sine Legibus 1976 (2018) documentary feature
Versopolis (2018) fiction short
I Act, I am (2018) fiction feature
Sing Me a Song (2018) documentary
Man with the Shadow (2018) fiction feature
The Tunnel (2017) fiction short
Fountain (2017) fiction
Growing up (2017) documentary feature
The Basics Of Killing (2017) fiction
A Man From the Border (2017) documentary feature
Fishing (2016) fiction
A Comedy Of Tears (2016) fiction
Gone Wishing (2016) animation
To The Top And Back (2015) documentary
The Last Inspiration (2015) fiction
Stairway (2015) fiction
Richard Is Coming Tomorrow (2015) documentary
Little Prince (2015) fiction
City Lights (2015) fiction
Love On The Roof Of The World (2015) fiction
Case: Osterberg (2015) fiction
Juliette and Alfa Romeo (2015) fiction
Boj za (2014) documentary
Mario Was Watching The Sea With Love (2014) fiction
Toilet Stories (2014) fiction
Living Stone (2014) documentary
Sailing to Paradise (2014) fiction
The Right Man for Capitalism (2013) documentary
The Right to Love (2013) fiction
Shanghai Gypsy (2012) fiction
Hundred dogs (2012) fiction
Morning (2012) fiction
Back to home (2011) documentary
Archeo (2011) fiction feature
Bread and Circuses (2011) fiction
The Prepisani (2011) fiction
At the End of Trieste Street (2010) unknown
Piran - Pirano (2010) fiction feature
Personal Baggage (2009) fiction feature
The Death (2008) animated short
We've never been to Venice (2008) fiction feature
300 Bearded (2008) docu-feature middle
Forever (2008) fiction feature
Life (2008) fiction feature
For the End of Time (2008) full-length experimental film
On the Sunny Side of Alps (2007) fiction short
Sonia (2007) middle short
Every Breath you take (2007) fiction short
Made in Slovenia (2007) fiction short
Edi Šelhaus: I was there (2007) documentary feature
Rooster's Breakfast (2007) fiction feature
A Slice of Life (2006) fiction short
Write-off (2006) fiction short
Short Circuits (2006) fiction feature
The Film Before the Altar (2006) documentary TV film
My Son, a Sexual Maniac (2006) fiction short
Gravehopping (2005) fiction feature
Ruins (2004) fiction feature
Labour Equals Freedom (2004) fiction TV feature
Pesnikov portret z dvojnikom (2003) fiction feature
Rustling Landscapes (2002) fiction feature
On Our Own Vesna (2002) fiction video feature
Ode To The Poet (2001) fiction feature
Echoes of Time (0) unknown
This is earth, my brother (2009) fiction short
Home is where you dig it (2009) fiction short