Damijan Kunej


Sound designer
Pirandello (2008) fiction short
Labour Equals Freedom (2004) fiction TV feature
Ruins (2004) fiction feature
Spare Parts (2003) fiction feature
Bread and Milk (2001) fiction feature
Rascals! (2001) fiction feature
What Now, Luka? (2000) fiction feature
You're Free. To Decide. (2000) fiction short
Solitude for Two - Evening (2000) fiction short
How to Get Rid of Machot (2000) animation short
Porno Film (2000) fiction feature
Where The Mists Roll (2000) TV documentary short
The Ultimate Guide For Bachelors (1999) graduating fiction short
Road of Brotherhood and Unity, The (1999) documentary TV feature
Toothbrush (1999) student fiction short
Dark Angels (1999) fiction feature
Urban - Sketches for a Portrait of A Musician (1998) TV documentary short
Breakages (1997) graduating fiction short
Scenes From The Life Of The Hlebanja Family (1997) TV documentary short
Vivere (1997) student fiction short
Sex Pistols - Welcome Home (1997) documentary short
Ballad Of The Butcherman, The (1997) fiction short
Autumn (1997) TV documentary short
Dornava (1997) TV documentary short
Girl With Marbles, The (1997) documentary short
Eternal Ballet Home, An (1997) TV documentary short
Third Eye, The (1997) documentary TV series
The Smile (1996) student fiction short
Cinders (1996) student documentary short
Photo Film 2001 (1996) TV documentary short