Co-production Company
Identity Smugglers (2015) documentary
You Carry Me (2015) fiction
The Right Man for Capitalism (2013) documentary
Back to home (2011) documentary
Citizen Diarrhea or who is Tomaž Lavrič (2011) documentary
I'm from Titov Veles/Jas sum od Titov Veles (2007) fiction feature
Labour Equals Freedom (2004) fiction TV feature
World Sales
Labour Equals Freedom (2004) fiction TV feature
Half-Sister (2019) fiction feature
Production Company
Jaz sem Frenk (2019) fiction feature
Avenge (2019) documentary
My Last Year as a Loser (2018) fiction feature
Every Good Story Is a Love Story (2017) documentary feature
Borders (2016) documentary
Nightlife (2016) fiction
Home (2015) documentary
Going our way 2 (2013) fiction
Project cancer (2013) documentary
Tango Abrazos (2012) fiction
The Woman Who Brushed off Her Tears (2012) fiction
Circles (2012) fiction
The Long Vacation (2012) documentary
A House on Jurčkova street (2011) unknown
The State of Shock (2011) fiction feature
Dad, can I drive the car (2011) fiction
The Alexandrians (2011) documentary
Warm for this time of year (2011) experimental
Good Night, Missy (2011) fiction feature
Going Our Way (2010) unknown
Father's wish (2010) fiction short
Besa (2009) fiction feature
Slovenian girl (2009) fiction feature
Bodgan Grom (2009) documentary TV film
Election Silence (2009) fiction short
Forever (2008) fiction feature
The Death (2008) animated short
The world is big and salvation lurks around the corner (2008) fiction feature
Every Breath you take (2007) fiction short
Estrellita (2006) fiction feature
Labour Equals Freedom (2004) fiction TV feature
Unrest (2003) fiction feature
Ode To The Poet (2001) fiction feature
Bread and Milk (2001) fiction feature
The Faces From Marijenišče (2000) TV documentary short
Carpe Diem (1997) fiction short
Carmen (1995) fiction feature