Paradise / Raj (2018)

unknown, unknown

Kaloghero from Sicily leads a completely normal life until he witnesses a mafia retaliation. In exchange for testifying against the Assassin he receives a new identity and moves to an Alpine village at the triple border between Italy, Austria, and Slovenia. One day the Assassin shows up in the village. Convinced that the Assassin is there to kill him, Kaloghero runs to Slovenia. To his dismay, the Assassin finds him yet again. A game of cat and mouse begins and unfolds in three countries. However, the struggle for survival transforms into a love affair...

Film crew

Director: Davide del Degan


Production Company: Pilgrim Film
Co-production Company: A Atalanta d.o.o.
Co-funding: FVG Film Commission, RAI Cinema, Slovenski filmski center, javna agencija RS, MIBAC, Filmski studio Viba film Ljubljana

Technical data

Film format: /
Aspect ratio: /
Colours: /
Sound: unknown