The Flying Machine / Zrakoplov (1993)

2404m / fiction feature, Feature Film

The wish to unglue himself from the ground, to rise above it with only the strenght oh his muscles, has been one of man’s oldest yearnings yet to come true. The story of the film is a result of the Mayor’s wish to have his Island enter aviation history, and the impotence of the chosen “flyer”, who in his blind passion for flying doesn’t even notice his wife’s affair with the Mailman or the conspiracy of the village big shots, who are ready to sacrifice their neighbour for the dubious distinction of being written of as the first self powered aviator. The church bell, the stake for a successfull flight, ends up on the “flyers” yard since the pilot has kept his word:”I will fly. I will rise, glide through the air, or I’ll never walk the ground again.”


Alan Biderman
Stojan Colja
Ciril Jagodic
Vladimir Jurc
Gojmir Lešnjak
Vesna Maher
Maja Medvešček
Maja Sever
Alojz Svete
Špela Trošt
Marko Velkavrh
Branko Završan
Tamma Žbontar
Janez Škof

Film crew

Director: Jure Pervanje
Screenwriter: Dimitrij Kralj
Story editor: Jernej Novak
D.O.P.: Tomislav Pinter
Music author: Janez Gregorc
Production designer: Janez Kovič
Costume Designer: Zvonka Makuc
Editor: Stanko Kostanjevec
Makeup Artist: Gabrijela Fleischman
Assistant director: Igor Šterk, Zoran Živulović
Photoghraph: Stane Sršen
Sound recordist: Matjaž Janežič
Producer: Jure Pervanje
Production Manager: Franci Zajc


Music Performer: Kvintet trobil - Ljubljana
Production Company: Multimedia - Ljubljana, Sfinga - Ljubljana, TV Slovenija, Filmski studio Viba film Ljubljana
Distribution: Multimedia - Ljubljana

Technical data

Film format: S16mm/35mm
Aspect ratio: 1:1,66
Colours: color
Sound: unknown