Bread and Milk / Kruh in mleko (2001)

68min / fiction feature, Feature Film

Ivan is released a day early from a treatment programme for alcoholics due to a doctorsԠstrike. He returns to his wife Sonja and his sixteen year old son Robi. The first afternoon he spends at home is very pleasant. The next morning Sonja sends Ivan to a shop to get bread and milk. On the way back Ivan runs into Armando, his high school classmate, and through their conversation at a bar, Ivan finds out that long before Sonja became his wife, Armando spent a night with her. Ivan has his first drop of the hard stuff... Black and White is a bitter-sweet tale of loneliness, estrangement and the glowing embers of love, where there once used to be a fire.


Peter Musevski
Sonja Savić
Tadej Troha

Film crew

Director: Jan Cvitkovič
Screenwriter: Jan Cvitkovič
D.O.P.: Toni Laznik
Music author: Drago Ivanuša
Production designer: Andraž Trkman, Vasja Kokelj
Costume Designer: Polona Valentinčič
Editor: Dafne Jemeršić
Makeup Artist: Aljana Hajdinjak
Sound designer: Damijan Kunej
Sound recordist: Jože Trtnik
Producer: Danijel Hočevar
Production Manager: Andrej Štritof


Co-producer: VPK - Videoprodukcija Kregar d.o.o., TV Slovenija
Production Company: E-Motion film - Ljubljana, Vertigo

Technical data

Film format: S16mm/35mm
Aspect ratio: 1:1,66
Colours: b&w
Sound: dolby Digital SRD