Intruder / Vsiljivec (1982)

190m / animation short, Short Film

The X man is trying to build something. The Y man comes and wants to help him. The construction man refuses his help, but the Y man insists and helps him secretly. But this causes the construction to fall apart and burry its creator. And after his job is done, Y moves on...

Film crew

Director: Koni Steinbacher
Screenwriter: Marjan Tomšič
D.O.P.: Veka Kokalj
Chief Animator: Koni Steinbacher
Music author: Urban Koder
Story board artis: Janez Matešič, Koni Steinbacher
Production designer: Janez Matešič
Editor: Darinka Peršin


Production Company: Filmski studio Viba film Ljubljana

Technical data

Film format: 35mm
Aspect ratio: 1:1,37
Colours: color
Sound: unknown