Well Tempered Corpses / Dobro urejeni mrtveci (2005)

90min / fiction feature, Feature Film

The film begins in an unusual place – a local mortuary. Each day, Risto and Safet, bet on the number of corpses they will receive. There is less then half an hour left to the end of the betting period and only one body in the mortuary: Ruzdija Kucuk, a local ‿post-war‿ wheeler-dealer. As there is no railroad traffic in Bosnia since the war broke out, he transports passengers with a tractor. He has transformed it into a locomotive, because the fields are full of mines. But Ruzdija suffers from unusual illness: he faints and suffers a brief clinical death each time he is in a stressful situation. This happens to him when he visits the Ministry of Transport with an ingenious idea of privatizing the part of the railroad between his village and Sarajevo...


Lazar Ristovski
Irena Mičijević Rodić
Miralem Zubčević
Ulix Fehmiu
Tarik Filipović
Boro Stepanović
Žan Marolt
Erland Josephson
Haris Burina

Film crew

Director: Benjamin Filipović
Screenwriter: Benjamin Filipović, Feđa Isović
D.O.P.: Ven Jemeršić
Music author: Dado Đihan
Production designer: Dušan Milavec
Costume Designer: Jasna Hadžimehmedović
Editor: Stanko Kostanjevec
Makeup Artist: Tina Šubic
Sound designer: Julij Zornik, Manfred Arbter
Assistant director: Igor Pediček
Sound recordist: Dirk Bombey
Producer: Dunja Klemenc


Production Company: Studio Maj, filmska produkcija
Co-production Company: Casablanca d.o.o., Cinemark France - Paris, Sintra film - Roma, A.S.A.P. Films - Paris, Flash production
Distribution: Cinemania group, družba za filmsko tehnologijo, d.o.o.
World Sales: Cinemania group, družba za filmsko tehnologijo, d.o.o.

Technical data

Film format: 35mm
Aspect ratio: 1:1,85
Colours: color
Sound: dolby Digital SRD