Gašper Loborec


Sound designer
Codelli (2016) docu-fiction
Tango Abrazos (2012) fiction
The Sphinx (2011) docu-fiction
Meshes (2011) fiction
This is Slovenia (2007) fiction short
Sound recordist
Warm for this time of year (2011) experimental
The Sphinx (2011) docu-fiction
A House on Jurčkova street (2011) unknown
Meshes (2011) fiction
Dad, can I drive the car (2011) fiction
Good Night, Missy (2011) fiction feature
Tractor, Love and Rock'n'roll (2011) fiction feature
Going Our Way (2010) unknown
Slovenian girl (2009) fiction feature
Sense of water (2008) fiction short
On the Sunny Side of Alps (2007) fiction short
Pokemon is for Kids (2006) student fiction short
1/2 (2006) student fiction short
Amir (2002) fiction feature
Nightlife (2016) fiction
Father's wish (2010) fiction short
Election Silence (2009) fiction short