Mojca Fatur


Half-Sister (2019) fiction feature
Moderne Kunst (2017) fiction short
Codelli (2016) docu-fiction
Four Things I Wanted To Do With You (2015) fiction
Angela Vode: Secret memories (2009) fiction TV feature
Silver skin (2009) fiction and animation short
Lahinja – Stories of the River Water Cycle (2008) docu-feature middle
Wolfy (2007) fiction short
Gravehopping (2005) fiction feature
Heart Is A Piece Of Meat (2003) fiction short
Calm Before The Storm (2000) student fiction short
Road (2000) graduating fiction short
Fifth House On The Left (TV Sitcom Series) (2000) TV series (long)
Lassie Returns (2000) fiction short
Mole In The (Kinder)Garden (1999) TV etude
Idle Running (1999) fiction feature
Wind (1999) TV etude
Vixen in the fox language (2009) animated short