Miloš Kalusek


A Man From the Border (2017) documentary feature
Ivan (2017) fiction
The First 10 - Remake (2016) documentary
Bon appetit, la vie! (2016) fiction
Impromptu (2015) fiction
Girls Don't Cry (2015) fiction
Avtošola (2014) fiction feature
Reconciliation (2014) fiction
The Elderly Parasite or Who is Marko Brecelj? (2013) documentary
The Tree (2013) fiction
Morning (2012) fiction
Hundred dogs (2012) fiction
Good To Go (2012) unknown
Archeo (2011) fiction feature
Silent Sonata (2010) fiction feature
Home is where you dig it (2009) fiction short
This is earth, my brother (2009) fiction short
300 Bearded (2008) docu-feature middle
Sonia (2007) middle short
I Know (2007) fiction short
On the Sunny Side of Alps (2007) fiction short
Teah (2006) fiction feature
You Are the Only Boss in This House (2006) fiction short
Free Spirited Friends (2005) fiction short
To My Mother (2005) student fiction short
The Dog Died at the Right Time (2005) graduating fiction short
Gravehopping (2005) fiction feature
Ruins (2004) fiction feature
Unrest (2003) fiction feature
Idle Running (1999) fiction feature