Polona Valentinčič


Costume Designer
Going Our Way (2010) unknown
Hey Ho, Comrades (2006) student fiction short
Almost Six Feet too Deep (2006) student fiction short
Gravehopping (2005) fiction feature
My Little Sweethearts (2005) fiction TV short
The Dog Died at the Right Time (2005) graduating fiction short
Elektro-Orson (2003) graduating fiction short
Window (2002) fiction short
Bread and Milk (2001) fiction feature
Beautiful Kreplje (2000) fiction short
Idle Running (1999) fiction feature
Costum design
The First 10 - Remake (2016) documentary
Love On The Roof Of The World (2015) fiction
Stairway (2015) fiction
Christmas Dinner (2011) fiction
Distortion (2009) fiction TV feature
Summer hit (2008) fiction feature
Vampire from Gorjanci (2008) fiction TV feature