Marjan Cimperman


Sound designer
Every Breath you take (2007) fiction short
Ivana Kobilca – A Portrait of a Painter (2007) documentary feature
The Ipavec Brothers (1977) TV series (long)
Sound recordist
Generation of South Africa (2010) documentary
Polka Film (2010) unknown
Choir rehearsal (2008) fiction TV feature
Weekend Package (2007) fiction short
Mokush (2006) fiction feature
The Second Generation (2006) documentary TV film
One Day of Truth (2006) middle short
Suburbs (2005) fiction feature
Accordion Players (2005) documentary short
A Waltz For 4 (2005) docu-feature middle
Colours (2005) student documentary short
River in Poland (2005) student documentary short
Lillies of the Valley (2004) student fiction short
Under Prešeren's Head (2004) TV documentary short
Labour Equals Freedom (2004) fiction TV feature
Spare Parts (2003) fiction feature
Guardian of the Frontier (2002) fiction feature
Sweet Dreams (2001) fiction feature
Fortress Europe (2001) fiction feature
Rascals! (2001) fiction feature
In Transit (2000) student documentary short
Allotment Holders (Sitcom) (2000) TV series (long)
Maks Fabiani (1999) documentary short
Dark Angels (1999) fiction feature
Five days in May (1997) fiction TV feature
Melitta (1996) fiction TV feature
Srečni Srečko iz Lokve (1996) TV documentary short
Good Rockin' Tonight (1992) student fiction short
December Rain (1990) fiction feature
Alma M. Karlin: The Odyssey of a Lonley Woman (2009) mockumentary TV film