Emil Cerar


Costume Designer
Don't Forget To Breathe (2019) fiction feature
I Act, I am (2018) fiction feature
The Basics Of Killing (2017) fiction
Sunday Morning (2017) fiction short
A Well Spent Afternoon (2016) fiction short
Zoran, my nephew the idiot (2013) fiction
Adria Blues (2013) fiction
The Tree (2013) fiction
Feed Me With Your Words (2012) unknown
A House on Jurčkova street (2011) unknown
Stealing the corn (2009) fiction short
Installation of love (2007) fiction feature
1/2 (2006) student fiction short
Free Spirited Friends (2005) fiction short
Labour Equals Freedom (2004) fiction TV feature
Child In Time (2004) fiction short
The Angry Ones (2000) fiction short
Girl With Marbles, The (1997) documentary short
Costum design
Šiška Deluxe (2015) fiction
The things we've never done together (2011) fiction
Jaz sem Frenk (2019) fiction feature
The Final Day of Rudolf Nietsche (2018) fiction short
Case: Osterberg (2015) fiction
Hundred dogs (2012) fiction
The Cloud Catcher (2009) fiction and animation short
Gravehopping (2005) fiction feature
Death Is Far Away (2002) TV series (short)
Porno Film (2000) fiction feature
Stereotype (1997) fiction feature
Carpe Diem (1997) fiction short