Julij Zornik


Dar Fur – War for Water (2008) documentary
Consequences (2018) fiction feature
Dad (2010) fiction feature
Stripburger in motion (2010) unknown
Sound designer
Deadlock (2019) fiction feature
Once were humans (2019) unknown
Jaz sem Frenk (2019) fiction feature
Half-Sister (2019) fiction feature
My Last Year as a Loser (2018) fiction feature
Consequences (2018) fiction feature
The Belly of the Whale (2018) fiction feature
History of Love (2018) fiction feature
Fundaments (2018) cultural documentary short
My way 50 (2018) docu-feature middle
Koyaa - Freezing Scarf (2017) kratki lutkovni animirani film
Koyaa - Dancing Socks (2017) kratki lutkovni animirani film
Koyaa - Silly Stickers (2017) kratki lutkovni animirani film
Koyaa - Wild Sunbed (2017) kratki lutkovni animirani film
Koyaa - Flying Workbook (2017) kratki lutkovni animirani film
Koyaa - Naughty Toy Car (2017) kratki lutkovni animirani film
Ivan (2017) fiction
Quiet (2017) fiction short
Unveiling the View with Mirjana Borčić (2017) documentary
Day Passes, Morning Begins (2017) fiction short
Into the Blue (2017) fiction short
Skipping Stones (2017) fiction short
Niko (2017) fiction short
The Invisible Hand of Adam Smith (2017) fiction short
Moderne Kunst (2017) fiction short
City of Light (2017) documentary TV film
Every Good Story Is a Love Story (2017) documentary feature
Family (2017) documentary feature
Blue Velvet Revisited (2016) documentary feature
Balkan Whispers (2016) documentary feature
A Well Spent Afternoon (2016) fiction short
Farewell (2016) animation
Sotto (2016) experimental
Borders (2016) documentary
Nara Petrovič = Human (2016) documentary
Mother (2016) fiction
Houston, We Have a Problem! (2016) docu-fiction
Codelli (2016) docu-fiction
Come Along (2016) fiction
Nika (2016) fiction
Impromptu (2015) fiction
Home (2015) documentary
The High Sun (2015) fiction
You Carry Me (2015) fiction
Liked (2015) fiction
Inferno (2014) fiction
Zippity Zappity (2014) animation
The Reaper (2014) fiction
BANDITENKINDER-Stolen Slovene Children (2014) documentary
Koyaa - Flower (2013) kratki lutkovni animirani film
Project cancer (2013) documentary
The Tree (2013) fiction
Class Enemy (2013) fiction
Karpotrotter (2013) documentary
Muri the Cat (2013) animation
Going our way 2 (2013) fiction
My Friend Mujo (2012) documentary
My name is Janez Janša (2012) documentary
Who's Afraid of the big Black Wolf? (2012) fiction
Circles (2012) fiction
A girl and a Tree (2012) unknown
Dragon (2011) fiction
Good Night, Missy (2011) fiction feature
Parade (2011) fiction
A Trip (2011) fiction feature
Dad, can I drive the car (2011) fiction
Koyaa - The Extraordinary (2011) kratki lutkovni animirani film
Warm for this time of year (2011) experimental
A House on Jurčkova street (2011) unknown
Dad (2010) fiction feature
Going Our Way (2010) unknown
That day in the week (2010) documentary
The Visit (2010) fiction short
Stripburger in motion (2010) unknown
9:06 (2009) fiction feature
Slovenian girl (2009) fiction feature
Kiddo - Slingshot (2009) unknown
Letter to a Child (2008) documentary
Hands on the wall (2008) fiction short
Hair extensions (2008) fiction short
Caretaker (2008) fiction short
Transition (2008) fiction feature
Reality (2008) fiction feature
Landscape No. 2 (2008) fiction feature
The Heart Is Sad (2007) fiction short
This is Slovenia (2007) fiction short
paris.love (2007) fiction feature
AgapE (2007) fiction short
Wolfy (2007) fiction short
I Know (2007) fiction short
Against the Window (2007) fiction short
The Wasp (2007) fiction short
A Chat With Pika (2007) fiction short
Burgundy Red (2007) fiction short
Almost Six Feet too Deep (2006) student fiction short
You Are the Only Boss in This House (2006) fiction short
Hole (2006) fiction short
Divided States of America, Laibach 2004 Tour (2005) documentary feature
To My Mother (2005) student fiction short
Good Luck Nedim (2005) student fiction short
Angoraangora (2005) student fiction short
What Are You Going To Do When You Get Out Of Here? (2005) dance documentary short
Suburbs (2005) fiction feature
Well Tempered Corpses (2005) fiction feature
I am Vinko (2004) graduating fiction short
Child In Time (2004) fiction short
Peter (2004) student fiction short
C'est la vie (2004) student fiction short
Lullaby (2004) student fiction short
Sstress (2003) fiction short
Humidity 81% (2003) student fiction short
A Day in the City (2003) graduating fiction short
Elektro-Orson (2003) graduating fiction short
Season 90/91 (2003) graduating fiction short
Unplugged (2002) student fiction short
Director's Cut (2002) fiction short
So You'll Eat It Cold (2002) student fiction short
Excursion, The (2002) student fiction short
Last Supper (2001) fiction feature
Ode To The Poet (2001) fiction feature
Sweet Dreams (2001) fiction feature
Z-Film (2000) dance short
Milagros (2000) graduating fiction short
Sound recordist
Reality (2008) fiction feature
1/2 (2006) student fiction short
Pokemon is for Kids (2006) student fiction short
Free Spirited Friends (2005) fiction short
Window (2002) fiction short
You're Free. To Decide. (2000) fiction short
Porno Film (2000) fiction feature
Socializing The Bull? (1998) animated feature
Sound mixer
Don't Forget To Breathe (2019) fiction feature
Muri the Cat - Lunch (2018) animated short
Sunday Morning (2017) fiction short
Nightlife (2016) fiction
Wanted (2012) animation
Father's wish (2010) fiction short
Election Silence (2009) fiction short
Besa (2009) fiction feature
Tumbelina (2009) animated short