Borut Berden


Sound designer
The Final Day of Rudolf Nietsche (2018) fiction short
Erased (2018) fiction feature
Perseverance (2017) fiction
Let him be a Basketball Player (2017) fiction
The Last Ice Hunters (2017) documentary
Ana's commission (2016) fiction
A Dream (2016) fiction
The Beat Of Love (2015) fiction
Little Ladybird wants to Grow up (2012) animation
Tractor, Love and Rock'n'roll (2011) fiction feature
The Sea at the Time of the Eclipse (2008) fiction feature
(A) torsion (2002) fiction short
Ljubljana (2002) fiction feature
The Faces of the Green River (1999) documentary short
Blues For Sarah (1999) fiction feature
Children On The Street (1998) student fiction short
Balkan Roulette (1997) fiction short
Sound recordist
(A) torsion (2002) fiction short
Herzog (1995) fiction feature