Dafne Jemeršić

Born in Zagreb. From 1986 to 1990 she studied drama acting at ADU in Zagreb. In 1994 she moved to Prague where she studied editing at FAMU.


Costume Designer
Reality (2008) fiction feature
Šiška Deluxe (2015) fiction
Kiddo - Slingshot (2009) unknown
Reality (2008) fiction feature
Bullets Miss the Fool (2005) fiction feature
What Are You Going To Do When You Get Out Of Here? (2005) dance documentary short
Heart Is A Piece Of Meat (2003) fiction short
Elektro-Orson (2003) graduating fiction short
Death Is Far Away (2002) TV series (short)
Window (2002) fiction short
Ljubljana (2002) fiction feature
Ode To The Poet (2001) fiction feature
Bread and Milk (2001) fiction feature
Tiigra (2001) short documentary video
You're Free. To Decide. (2000) fiction short
The Garden (2000) student fiction short
Porno Film (2000) fiction feature
Milagros (2000) graduating fiction short
Figurae Veneris (2000) graduating fiction short
The Ultimate Guide For Bachelors (1999) graduating fiction short
Night In A Hotel (1999) student fiction short
The Robbery of the Century (1998) graduating fiction short
Personals (1998) student fiction short
Vivere (1997) student fiction short
Reality (2008) fiction feature
Reality (2008) fiction feature
Production designer
Reality (2008) fiction feature
Reality (2008) fiction feature