Jerneja Jambrek


Costume Designer
Victory (2011) fiction
Chinees are coming (2009) fiction short
Couples at stake (2009) fiction TV feature
Pirandello (2008) fiction short
Weekend Package (2007) fiction short
The Birches, the Sea and Infinity (2007) docu-feature middle
Mokush (2006) fiction feature
Patriot (1998) fiction feature
My Grandfather's Bridges (1998) TV fiction short
Ten (1998) TV etude
Lost Words (1996) student fiction short
Maruška (1993) student fiction short
Od Kneippa do kofeta s smetanco in nazaj (1992) graduating documentary short
The President (1992) fiction TV feature
The Case Of Felix Langus or How To Seize Freedom (1991) fiction TV feature
Under Blue Sky (1988) fiction TV feature
A Real Pirat (1987) fiction feature
Costum design
Consoler (2009) fiction
Room No. 408 (2009) fiction TV short
Every Day Is Not The Same (2008) fiction short
The Sea at the Time of the Eclipse (2008) fiction feature
From electrician with love (2008) fiction short
Tenth Brother, The (1982) fiction feature