Slovenski filmski center, javna agencija RS


Once were humans (2020) unknown
My Grandpa Is an Alien (2019) unknown
Avenge (2019) documentary
Stories From The Chestnut Woods (2019) fiction
Deadlock (2019) fiction feature
Room by the Lake (2019) fiction short
The Diary of Diana B. (2019) docu-fiction
Jaz sem Frenk (2019) fiction feature
Half-Sister (2019) fiction feature
Don't Forget To Breathe (2019) fiction feature
Septembrska klasa (2019) documentary feature
Prince Ki-Ki-Do: Trampoline (2018) animation
Prince Ki-Ki-Do: A Cup of Tea (2018) animation
History of Love (2018) fiction feature
Gaja's World (2018) fiction
Consequences (2018) fiction feature
The Final Day of Rudolf Nietsche (2018) fiction short
Fundaments (2018) cultural documentary short
Born to Die (2018) documentary short
How Much Do You Love Yourself? (2018) documentary feature
Man with the Shadow (2018) fiction feature
Paradise (2018) fiction short
Erased (2018) fiction feature
My way 50 (2018) docu-feature middle
My Last Year as a Loser (2018) fiction feature
I Act, I am (2018) fiction feature
iIsland (2018) documentary
Stitches (2018) fiction feature
Prince Ki-Ki-Do: Wonder Glass (2018) animation
Corporation (2018) fiction feature
Wonder when You'll Miss Me (2018) unknown
Sing Me a Song (2018) documentary
Cankar (2018) documentary feature
Winter Flies (2018) fiction feature
Paradise (2018) unknown
How Things Fall (2018) unknown
The Daughter of Camorra (2018) documentary
Prince Ki-Ki-Do: Winter Story (2018) animation
Prince Ki-Ki-Do: Earthquake (2018) animation
All Against All (2018) fiction feature
Muri the Cat - Lunch (2018) animated short
Days of Madness (2018) documentary feature
Year of the Monkey (2018) fiction
Prince Ki-Ki-Do: First Aid (2018) animation
Goodnight, Irene (2017) documentary feature
Quiet (2017) fiction short
Fragments of Space and Time (2017) student fiction
Fear (2017) fiction short
Martin Krpan (2017) animated short
Pappenstory – A story about Slovenian amateur theater SAG Trieste (2017) documentary
Navigare Necesse Est (2017) documentary
Unveiling the View with Mirjana Borčić (2017) documentary
Shoemaker (2017) student fiction
The Tunnel (2017) fiction short
Sunday Morning (2017) fiction short
Perseverance (2017) fiction
Growing up (2017) documentary feature
Ivan (2017) fiction
The Miner (2017) fiction
Fountain (2017) fiction
Koyaa - Naughty Toy Car (2017) kratki lutkovni animirani film
Koyaa - Wild Sunbed (2017) kratki lutkovni animirani film
Koyaa - Flying Workbook (2017) kratki lutkovni animirani film
Koyaa - Silly Stickers (2017) kratki lutkovni animirani film
Koyaa - Dancing Socks (2017) kratki lutkovni animirani film
Koyaa - Freezing Scarf (2017) kratki lutkovni animirani film
Let him be a Basketball Player (2017) fiction
Family (2017) documentary feature
The Basics Of Killing (2017) fiction
Men Don’t Cry (2017) fiction feature
Slovenia, Australia and Tomorrow the World (2017) fiction
The Last Ice Hunters (2017) documentary
City of Light (2017) documentary TV film
Every Good Story Is a Love Story (2017) documentary feature
Playing Men (2017) documentary TV film
The Box (2017) animated short
Music Is the Art of Time 2, LP film Buldozer – Spit Truth Into the Eyes (2017) documentary TV film
I’ll Probably Never See You Again (2017) fiction short
Apoptosis (2017) fiction short
As I Looked Down at Myself (2017) experimental short
The Invisible Hand of Adam Smith (2017) fiction short
Niko (2017) fiction short
Into the Blue (2017) fiction short
Anja Ganja (2017) student fiction
Sign Here (2017) student fiction
Future: Open (2017) fiction feature
Status Zero (2016) documentary TV film
Mother (2016) fiction
Nightlife (2016) fiction
A Comedy Of Tears (2016) fiction
Ana's commission (2016) fiction
A Dream (2016) fiction
Come Along (2016) fiction
Codelli (2016) docu-fiction
Houston, We Have a Problem! (2016) docu-fiction
Gone Wishing (2016) animation
Muri the Cat – Going for a Walk (2016) animated short
Blue Velvet Revisited (2016) documentary feature
Home (2015) documentary
You Carry Me (2015) fiction
Family Film (2015) fiction
Vashava (2014) experimental
Inferno (2014) fiction
Every True Poet (2014) experimental
Idyll (2014) fiction
Tatjana in motherland (2014) documentary
BANDITENKINDER-Stolen Slovene Children (2014) documentary
Reconciliation (2014) fiction
Champagne Twist (2014) documentary
The Reaper (2014) fiction
Sailing to Paradise (2014) fiction
Boles (2013) animation
Project cancer (2013) documentary
The Right to Love (2013) fiction
The Tree (2013) fiction
Koyaa - Flower (2013) kratki lutkovni animirani film
Muri the Cat (2013) animation
Class Enemy (2013) fiction
Dual (2013) fiction
Zoran, my nephew the idiot (2013) fiction
Going our way 2 (2013) fiction
Mother Europe (2013) documentary
Adria Blues (2013) fiction
Chefurs raus! (2013) fiction
Circles (2012) fiction
Night Boats (2012) fiction
Who's Afraid of the big Black Wolf? (2012) fiction
My name is Janez Janša (2012) documentary
Shanghai Gypsy (2012) fiction
The Woman Who Brushed off Her Tears (2012) fiction
Wild one (2012) documentary
Hundred dogs (2012) fiction
Good To Go (2012) unknown
My Friend Mujo (2012) documentary
Vandima (2012) fiction
Feed Me With Your Words (2012) unknown
The Long Vacation (2012) documentary
A Night Too Young (2012) fiction
A girl and a Tree (2012) unknown
Parade (2011) fiction
Dad, can I drive the car (2011) fiction
Echoes of Time (0) unknown
S podporo
Inventory (2020) fiction feature
Tax Rebate
The Belly of the Whale (2018) fiction feature
In cooperation with
Igor in Rosa (2018) fiction feature