Radiotelevizija Slovenija, javni zavod, Ljubljana


Gaja's World (2018) fiction
The Basics Of Killing (2017) fiction
Unveiling the View with Mirjana Borčić (2017) documentary
Navigare Necesse Est (2017) documentary
Martin Krpan (2017) animated short
Musca Domestica (2017) fiction short
Goodnight, Irene (2017) documentary feature
Sign Here (2017) student fiction
The Invisible Hand of Adam Smith (2017) fiction short
The Box (2017) animated short
Moderne Kunst (2017) fiction short
Robbed Soul (2016) student fiction
Muri the Cat – Going for a Walk (2016) animated short
Flow (2016) documentary TV film
White rabbit (2011) TV fiction
Going Our Way (2010) unknown
Rascals! (2001) fiction feature
Co-production Company
Don't Forget To Breathe (2019) fiction feature
Stories From The Chestnut Woods (2019) fiction
Avenge (2019) documentary
Prince Ki-Ki-Do: Winter Story (2018) animation
Igor in Rosa (2018) fiction feature
All Against All (2018) fiction feature
Muri the Cat - Lunch (2018) animated short
Prince Ki-Ki-Do: Wonder Glass (2018) animation
Prince Ki-Ki-Do: Earthquake (2018) animation
Prince Ki-Ki-Do: First Aid (2018) animation
Prince Ki-Ki-Do: Trampoline (2018) animation
Prince Ki-Ki-Do: A Cup of Tea (2018) animation
My Last Year as a Loser (2018) fiction feature
Jaz sem Frenk (2018) fiction feature
iIsland (2018) documentary
Cankar (2018) documentary feature
My way 50 (2018) docu-feature middle
Sunday Morning (2017) fiction short
The Tunnel (2017) fiction short
Music Is the Art of Time 2, LP film Buldozer – Spit Truth Into the Eyes (2017) documentary TV film
Shoemaker (2017) student fiction
Family (2017) documentary feature
Ivan (2017) fiction
Let him be a Basketball Player (2017) fiction
Koyaa - Freezing Scarf (2017) kratki lutkovni animirani film
Koyaa - Dancing Socks (2017) kratki lutkovni animirani film
Koyaa - Silly Stickers (2017) kratki lutkovni animirani film
Koyaa - Flying Workbook (2017) kratki lutkovni animirani film
Koyaa - Naughty Toy Car (2017) kratki lutkovni animirani film
The First 10 - Remake (2016) documentary
Nighthawk (2016) animation
A New Home (2016) fiction
Weasel (2016) animation
Jogi And a Box (2016) student fiction
LJUBLJANA-MÜNCHEN 15:27 (2016) student fiction
The Delicious Disgust (2016) student fiction
Reinventing the Wheel Cross-Media Documentary Project (2016) documentary
Every Soul od My Body (2016) documentary
Case: Osterberg (2015) fiction
Little Prince (2015) fiction
City Lights (2015) fiction
Love On The Roof Of The World (2015) fiction
Riot Ana (2015) fiction
Little Fish (2015) student fiction
Manhole (2015) fiction
Impromptu (2015) fiction
Fire Boys (2015) documentary
Two One (2015) fiction
Vitanje in Space: Sunita (2015) documentary
Technology To The People (2015) documentary
Partisan Priest (2015) documentary
Csillag (2015) documentary
Alex (2015) documentary
Zoo (2015) fiction
Laughter (2015) documentary
The Beat Of Love (2015) fiction
Anew (2015) fiction
A Story About Success (2015) fiction
The Last Inspiration (2015) fiction
Stairway (2015) fiction
Juliette and Alfa Romeo (2015) fiction
The Sweating of Sea Urchins (2014) student fiction
Diego Menendes: The Early Years (2014) student documentary
House of Open Arms (2014) student documentary
Strangers (2014) fiction
Swimming (2014) fiction
Backwards (2014) fiction
Prespana pomlad (2014) fiction short
Rejnica (2014) documentary short
What about Mojca? (2014) documentary feature
I Demand a Bridge, I Am Entitled to it! (2014) fiction
Bright Black (2014) fiction
Mario Was Watching The Sea With Love (2014) fiction
Talent Show (2014) fiction
Free Božidar (2014) documentary
Nazdar! (2014) documentary
Dawn (2014) fiction
Top Score (2013) student fiction
Wild East (2012) student fiction
Morning (2012) fiction
Archeo (2011) fiction feature
Present2010 (2010) unknown
King Matjaž (2010) unknown
Production Company
They Were Tito’s Towns (2017) documentary
Rabid Foxes (2017) fiction feature
Home Sweet Home (2017) documentary short
On His Own – The Portrait of Jože Babič (2017) documentary
To Fly! (2016) documentary
You Didn't Forget (2016) fiction
Seven Sins and Virtues (2016) documentary feature
Charlatan Magnifique (2016) documentary feature
Woman, Part II (2016) documentary
Hrepenenje (2016) fiction
Krištof Zupet - A Painter (2016) documentary
Buoyancy (2016) fiction
Girls Don't Cry (2015) fiction
Four Things I Wanted To Do With You (2015) fiction
The Front Lines of Kurdistan (2015) documentary
You Won't Bring Me to My Knees (2015) documentary
Schoolmates (2015) fiction
Avtošola (2014) fiction feature
Welcome to Dumbchester (2014) animation
Half-Moon Above Edelweiss (2013) documentary
Moment of Fever – Nastja Bremec & Michal Rynia (2012) fiction
I'm from Gaza (2010) unknown
Osmica (2010) documentary
Kosovni odvoz (2010) documentary
Some other stories (2010) fiction omnibus
In cooperation with
History of Love (2018) fiction feature
The Tree (2013) fiction