RTV Slovenija


Adria Blues (2013) fiction
Shanghai Gypsy (2012) fiction
Forever Young - Slovenia (2011) documentary
Father's wish (2010) fiction short
Co-production Company
Gone Wishing (2016) animation
Houston, We Have a Problem! (2016) docu-fiction
Champagne Twist (2014) documentary
Inferno (2014) fiction
Ljubljana, London, New York (2014) documentary
The Right to Love (2013) fiction
Mother Europe (2013) documentary
Zoran, my nephew the idiot (2013) fiction
Karpotrotter (2013) documentary
Man with a Raven (2012) documentary
Wild one (2012) documentary
Hundred dogs (2012) fiction
Vandima (2012) fiction
Franček in Otilija (2012) documentary
The Long Vacation (2012) documentary
Children Of God (2012) documentary
Youth (2012) fiction
Boy, Bloodbrother of Death 2 (2012) documentary
Lemonade (2012) fiction
Kekec, Three Days Before Marriage (2012) fiction
Eyes and ears of god (2012) documentary
Feed Me With Your Words (2012) unknown
Who and What (2012) documentary
Maks (2012) fiction
Messi Injured (2012) fiction
My name is Janez Janša (2012) documentary
Dragon (2011) fiction
The State of Shock (2011) fiction feature
Good Night, Missy (2011) fiction feature
Dad, can I drive the car (2011) fiction
Seen beyond (2011) documentary
Escape (2011) fiction
What's up. Dude? (2011) fiction
Sunrise over the City (2011) fiction
Nowhere 13:22 (2011) fiction
Benjamin (2011) documentary
Silent Sonata (2010) fiction feature
A Real Man (2010) unknown
Piran - Pirano (2010) fiction feature
Ink Tips (2010) unknown
Flying Rusjan Brothers (2009) docu-feature middle
Šentilj - Spielfeld, a Border Crossing that once was (2009) documentary TV film
Alma M. Karlin: The Odyssey of a Lonley Woman (2009) mockumentary TV film
Election Silence (2009) fiction short
My holidays (2009) fiction TV short
Bodgan Grom (2009) documentary TV film
Hands on the wall (2008) fiction short
Sky above the town (2008) fiction short
Hair extensions (2008) fiction short
Janez Janša: The project (2008) documentary short
The Beezes - Your Money or Your Life (2008) animated short
Landscape No. 2 (2008) fiction feature
Transition (2008) fiction feature
Sense of water (2008) fiction short
Caretaker (2008) fiction short
The cousin (2008) fiction short
The Miracle (2011) documentary
Production Company
Leon in Jan - mlada kmetovalca (2014) documentary
Seduce Me (2013) fiction
The Elderly Parasite or Who is Marko Brecelj? (2013) documentary
Little Ghost (2012) fiction
Tango Abrazos (2012) fiction
Thanks for Sunderland (2012) fiction
Bread and Circuses (2011) fiction
The Alexandrians (2011) documentary
Christmas Dinner (2011) fiction
Pedro Opeka, the Friend of the Poor (2011) documentary
Black Brothers (2010) fiction
Slovenian girl (2009) fiction feature
The Cloud Catcher (2009) fiction and animation short
Chinees are coming (2009) fiction short
Distortion (2009) fiction TV feature
Couples at stake (2009) fiction TV feature
Room No. 408 (2009) fiction TV short
9:06 (2009) fiction feature
Angela Vode: Secret memories (2009) fiction TV feature
Veronika and Friderik (2008) docu-feature middle
Talking Heads (2008) documentary TV film
From electrician with love (2008) fiction short
Choir rehearsal (2008) fiction TV feature
Vampire from Gorjanci (2008) fiction TV feature
Dubravka Tomšič: Close-Up (2007) docu-feature middle
Babice revolucije (2006) documentary feature
Baron Codelli (2016) docu-fiction
Muri the Cat (2013) animation
Mother Europe (2013) documentary
Night Boats (2012) fiction
Parade (2011) fiction
Technical support
Wild one (2012) documentary