VPK - Videoprodukcija Kregar d.o.o.


On Our Own Vesna (2002) fiction video feature
Bread and Milk (2001) fiction feature
Ode To The Poet (2001) fiction feature
Homo Erectus (2001) short fiction video
Poker (2001) fiction feature
Lora and Her Men (2000) fiction short
Z-Film (2000) dance short
Slices Of Time, The (2000) documentary TV film
Friday Night (2000) fiction feature
Secret (2000) fiction short
Kud plovi ovaj brod/Wunderlust (2000) fiction feature
Between Four Walls (1998) TV documentary short
Co-production Company
Man with the Shadow (2018) fiction feature
Seen beyond (2011) documentary
Tumbelina (2009) animated short
Landscape No. 2 (2008) fiction feature
Reality (2008) fiction feature
Music is the Art of Time, LP Film Pankrti – No Fun (2006) documentary TV film
Desperado Tonic (2004) fiction omnibus
Rustling Landscapes (2002) fiction feature
Echoes of Time (0) unknown
Production Company
The Story of Ana Monro (2014) documentary TV series
For the End of Time (2008) full-length experimental film
We've never been to Venice (2008) fiction feature
Life (2008) fiction feature
Last Boat (2004) documentary TV film
Black & White (2003) animated short
Big Blue Subway (2001) short fiction video
Fear of Landing, The (1995) fiction short
Technical support
For the End of Time (2008) full-length experimental film
The Last Film Show (2007) docu-feature middle