TV Slovenija


The Dark Side of the Moon (2006) fiction TV short
The Second Generation (2006) documentary TV film
The Tyrant in Us (2006) animated short
Guerilla (2006) fiction TV short
The Sorrows of Young Igor (2006) fiction TV short
Tabula rasa (2006) animated short
I Want It All (2004) fiction TV feature
What About Mr. Bach? (2004) mockumentary TV film
Pirandello (2008) fiction short
Mokush (2006) fiction feature
Spare Parts (2003) fiction feature
Delitve (2003) TV documentary short
Che Sara (2002) student documentary short
So You'll Eat It Cold (2002) student fiction short
Taming The Time (2002) short fiction video
Moving Away (2002) student fiction short
From the Dust of the Sunճ Rays (2002) fiction short
Sleepwalkers Sleep Tonight (2002) student documentary short
Excursion, The (2002) student fiction short
Unplugged (2002) student fiction short
Dissident (2002) animated short
Story of Mr. P. F., The (2002) documentary feature
Headnoise (2002) fiction feature
Fužine Rules (2002) student fiction short
Ljubljana (2002) fiction feature
Orgasmus (2002) student fiction short
Shattered Dreams of Dr. France Prešeren, The (2001) documentary short
Sokotra - otok zmajevega drevesa (2001) TV documentary short
Bread and Milk (2001) fiction feature
Tito (2001) documentary short
Rascals! (2001) fiction feature
Lawsuit of Ig, The (2001) TV etude
Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds (2001) TV etude
Hot Dog (2001) student fiction short
Cloud, The (2001) student fiction short
Pavle (2001) student fiction short
The Whistle (2001) etnographical documentary short
Graduation (2001) TV etude
One Day (2001) student documentary short
Golden Heart (2001) student fiction short
Getting Africa into Your Head! (2001) TV documentary short
Zlatko! (2001) TV etude
Sweet Dreams (2001) fiction feature
You Need To Love Somebody (2001) student fiction short
Poker (2001) fiction feature
MyWay (2001) student documentary short
Triangle (2001) TV etude
Golden Fingers (2001) TV etude
Soulmates (2001) TV etude
Norm, The (2001) TV etude
Twice A Week (2001) student documentary short
Bottlephone (2001) student documentary short
Mask, The (2001) TV etude
Anniversary (2001) TV etude
Sweet Life (2001) TV etude
Yoghurt (2001) TV etude
The Van (2001) TV etude
Ghost Riders In The Sky (2000) documentary short
The Faces From Marijenišče (2000) TV documentary short
Slices Of Time, The (2000) documentary TV film
Žile (2000) student fiction short
You're Free. To Decide. (2000) fiction short
With Love (2000) student fiction short
No More Heroes (2000) graduating fiction short
Figurae Veneris (2000) graduating fiction short
Euphoria (2000) animation short
Milagros (2000) graduating fiction short
Porno Film (2000) fiction feature
Friday Night (2000) fiction feature
The Garden (2000) student fiction short
House of Freedom (2000) dance short
What Now, Luka? (2000) fiction feature
Indus.mat (2000) fiction short
Fuckit (2000) fiction feature
Solitude for Two - Evening (2000) fiction short
Cancelled Line (1999) TV etude
The Ultimate Guide For Bachelors (1999) graduating fiction short
Dark Angels (1999) fiction feature
Screenplay (1999) TV etude
Wind (1999) TV etude
Blues For Sarah (1999) fiction feature
Idle Running (1999) fiction feature
Over The Air (1999) TV documentary short
Abyssinia (1999) documentary short
Monday's Uncle (1999) TV etude
Mole In The (Kinder)Garden (1999) TV etude
Bojan the Bear - Robinson (1999) animation short
Changing Skins (1999) TV etude
Vojna Zvezdič (1999) TV etude
Director's Choice (1998) TV etude
A.M. (1998) student fiction short
Between Four Walls (1998) TV documentary short
Bojan The Bear - Easter (1998) animation short
Ten (1998) TV etude
Smoking is Off (1998) student documentary short
Zijalo (1998) student documentary short
Peter Klepec (1998) short TV animation
Patriot (1998) fiction feature
Sonny (1998) graduating fiction short
Rift, The (1998) fiction feature
Socializing The Bull? (1998) animated feature
The Robbery of the Century (1998) graduating fiction short
Delirium Credens (1998) TV etude
Personals (1998) student fiction short
Portrait Of Miki Muster (1997) documentary short
Fight For The River (1997) TV documentary short
Column (1997) TV drama
Stereotype (1997) fiction feature
Ballad Of The Butcherman, The (1997) fiction short
Carpe Diem (1997) fiction short
Bare Truth (1997) TV etude
Girl With Marbles, The (1997) documentary short
Bojan The Bear - Camping (1996) animation short
Erase-Write - For New Frontiers (1996) animated fiction short
Bojan The Bear - The Scarecrow (1996) animation short
Taste of Blood (1996) fiction short
Anton Martin Slomšek - Slovenec za vse čase (1996) TV documentary short
Executioner's Fresco (1995) fiction feature
Krik nemega Indijanca (1993) fiction TV feature
Co-production Company
Stealing the corn (2009) fiction short
9:06 (2009) fiction feature
Reality (2008) fiction feature
The Wind Pays No Regard (2008) fiction feature
Dar Fur – War for Water (2008) documentary
The Messenger of Slovenian Shores (2008) docu-feature middle
Seeing Van Gogh (2008) fiction feature
Lahinja – Stories of the River Water Cycle (2008) docu-feature middle
Feel for the Wind (2008) docu-feature middle
300 Bearded (2008) docu-feature middle
Every Breath you take (2007) fiction short
The Last Film Show (2007) docu-feature middle
Destinies (2007) docu-feature middle
Scent of Jazz (2007) docu-feature middle
Ivana Kobilca – A Portrait of a Painter (2007) documentary feature
Camera Here and Running (2007) middle short
A Beautiful Sunday at St. Jacob's in Resnik (2007) animated short
Children from Petriček Hill (2007) documentary feature
On the Sunny Side of Alps (2007) fiction short
Made in Slovenia (2007) fiction short
Edi Šelhaus: I was there (2007) documentary feature
Installation of love (2007) fiction feature
Rooster's Breakfast (2007) fiction feature
I Want to Conquer the World – Portrait of the Actress Marija Vera (2006) documentary TV film
Guerilla (2006) fiction TV short
Devil's Colony (2006) documentary TV film
Teah (2006) fiction feature
Aufbiks! (2006) docu-feature middle
You Are the Only Boss in This House (2006) fiction short
Like a Bird (2006) student documentary short
Pokemon is for Kids (2006) student fiction short
Almost Six Feet too Deep (2006) student fiction short
The Film Before the Altar (2006) documentary TV film
Hey Ho, Comrades (2006) student fiction short
A Dress (2006) student fiction short
1/2 (2006) student fiction short
Dance of Words (2006) student documentary short
Libero (2006) student documentary short
Table, that also tells lies (2006) student documentary short
Estrellita (2006) fiction feature
A Tunnel of Hope (2006) middle short
Hole (2006) fiction short
Slovenia in the Camera Obscura (2006) documentary feature
Friends from Far Away (2006) documentary TV film
When the Two of Us Are Gone (2005) graduating fiction short
What Are You Going To Do When You Get Out Of Here? (2005) dance documentary short
Tuning (2005) fiction feature
River in Poland (2005) student documentary short
The Vain Case (2005) student documentary short
Priest in Prison (2005) student documentary short
Colours (2005) student documentary short
Quick View (2005) graduating fiction short
Angoraangora (2005) student fiction short
Good Luck Nedim (2005) student fiction short
The Dog Died at the Right Time (2005) graduating fiction short
To My Mother (2005) student fiction short
Aven Chavora (2005) documentary feature
A Waltz For 4 (2005) docu-feature middle
Free Spirited Friends (2005) fiction short
Accordion Players (2005) documentary short
A Concert for Mobile Phones and an Orchestra (2005) docu-feature middle
My Little Sweethearts (2005) fiction TV short
100% Slovenian (2005) documentary TV film
Gravehopping (2005) fiction feature
We Count (2004) student documentary short
Under Prešeren's Head (2004) TV documentary short
Kocbek, pesnik v pogrezu zgodovine (2004) documentary TV feature
Child In Time (2004) fiction short
I am Vinko (2004) graduating fiction short
Lullaby (2004) student fiction short
C'est la vie (2004) student fiction short
Peter (2004) student fiction short
A Home to Remember (2004) student documentary short
Desperado Tonic (2004) fiction omnibus
Avgust Šek (2004) student documentary short
Eye of the Tiger (2003) student documentary short
Better Than an Orgasm (2003) student documentary short
The Ring (2003) documentary feature
Waiting (2003) TV etude
Blue Room (2003) student fiction short
A Day in the City (2003) graduating fiction short
Humidity 81% (2003) student fiction short
Elektro-Orson (2003) graduating fiction short
Season 90/91 (2003) graduating fiction short
Bizgeci (2003) animated short
Guardian of the Frontier (2002) fiction feature
Window (2002) fiction short
Glazier Blues (2001) fiction short
Nuba, The Pure People (2000) TV documentary short
Road of Brotherhood and Unity, The (1999) documentary TV feature
Express, Express (1997) fiction feature
Moonman (1995) student documentary short
World Sales
The Second Generation (2006) documentary TV film
Tabula rasa (2006) animated short
Guerilla (2006) fiction TV short
The Dark Side of the Moon (2006) fiction TV short
I Want to Conquer the World – Portrait of the Actress Marija Vera (2006) documentary TV film
The Tyrant in Us (2006) animated short
The Sorrows of Young Igor (2006) fiction TV short
I Want It All (2004) fiction TV feature
What About Mr. Bach? (2004) mockumentary TV film
Bejž če vejdš (2010) documentary
Fabiani vs. Plečnik (2006) documentary feature
Production Company
Za dlan veliki otroci (2009) documentary
Summer hit (2008) fiction feature
Varuhi templja (2008) documentary
The Sea at the Time of the Eclipse (2008) fiction feature
ŠOA Teža molka (2008) documentary feature
Every Day Is Not The Same (2008) fiction short
One Drink or Two (2008) animated short
Lucijine oči (2007) fiction TV short
Sonia (2007) middle short
Matične celice (2007) documentary feature
Weekend Package (2007) fiction short
The Sorrows of Young Igor (2006) fiction TV short
Fotografija na Slovenskem (2006) documentary TV series
Fabiani vs. Plečnik (2006) documentary feature
Mower (2006) middle short
Plan B (2006) fiction TV feature
Imunski sistem (2006) documentary TV feature
Tabula rasa (2006) animated short
The Dark Side of the Moon (2006) fiction TV short
The Tyrant in Us (2006) animated short
Pictures for Pastime (2006) documentary TV film
One Day of Truth (2006) middle short
The Second Generation (2006) documentary TV film
Foto/Photo Portrait of Joco Žnidaršič, Unbearable lightness of photography (2005) documentary TV film
Blisk (2005) TV series (short)
Fortune Teller, The (2004) fiction TV feature
Lillies of the Valley (2004) student fiction short
What About Mr. Bach? (2004) mockumentary TV film
Potovka (2004) documentary TV film
Labour Equals Freedom (2004) fiction TV feature
I Want It All (2004) fiction TV feature
Bohinj Manifestum (2003) TV documentary short
New World (2003) TV series (long)
Tango -5 (2003) TV documentary short
Odisej ob jamboru (2003) documentary TV feature
Kako živijo slovenski gradovi (2003) documentary TV series
Pesnikov portret z dvojnikom (2003) fiction feature
Hot In The City (2003) TV drama
Sister In The Mirror (2003) TV documentary short
Mad Painter (2003) short ballet TV film
Prijatelj čebelar (2003) graduating fiction short
Čisto blizu nas (2003) documentary
Gangl (2003) fiction TV feature
Zvočnost slovenske duše (2003) documentary TV series
Meje mojega sveta (2003) TV documentary short
Big Names Of The Small Screen (2002) documentary TV series
Marjana Lipovšek (2002) TV documentary short
Mladina - provokatorka zgodovine (2002) TV documentary short
Slovenija na belanci (2002) documentary TV series
Supermarket (2002) TV fiction short
Death Is Far Away (2002) TV series (short)
Pozabljeni zaklad (2002) fiction feature
Kajmak in marmelada (2002) fiction feature
Sound (2002) documentary TV series
Mother (2002) TV documentary short
Vladimir (2002) fiction TV feature
In The Light Of Three Centuries (2001) TV documentary short
Double holidays (2001) TV series (long)
When Pencils Go Crazy (2001) animated short
The Season of Advent and Wolves (2001) TV documentary short
In Medias Res - The Portrait of Metka Kraševec (2001) TV documentary short
Gazelles (2001) short fiction video
Forgotten Books of Our Grandmothers –Trdoglav and Marjetica, The (2001) animation short
My Little Brother (2001) fiction short
Mountain Doctor (2001) TV documentary short
Prezrta okolja (2001) documentary TV series
Happy One Who Does Not Worry (2000) TV documentary short
Allotment Holders (Sitcom) (2000) TV series (long)
When a Ball Hit Our Heads - The Portrait Of Milko Djurovski (2000) TV documentary short
Aria From Another Room - Portrait of Emerik Bernard (2000) TV documentary short
Legionnaire's Story (2000) TV documentary short
Man Without Qualities, A - Portrait of Janez Gradišnik (2000) TV documentary short
Opisni poželjivec - portret Draga Jančarja (2000) TV documentary short
Nebotičnik (2000) TV documentary short
I Saw Elvis (2000) TV documentary short
Chubby Was Here - Farewell Šumi (2000) TV documentary short
Vintage Comedian - The Portrait of Zlatko Šugman, A (2000) TV documentary short
Sculpture - Jakov Brdar (2000) TV documentary short
Portraits With Background (2000) documentary short
Fifth House On The Left (TV Sitcom Series) (2000) TV series (long)
Where The Mists Roll (2000) TV documentary short
Ljubljana Frame By Frame (2000) short TV animation
A Child of Istria - Andrea Antico da Montana (2000) TV documentary short
Beautiful Kreplje (2000) fiction short
The Angry Ones (2000) fiction short
Stroj, The (2000) TV documentary short
Condemned (2000) TV drama
Take The L (2000) TV documentary short
Don't Tell Anyone (2000) TV drama
Man in the Window - Portrait of Peter Božič (1999) TV documentary short
Štanjel - The Eternity Of A Moment In Stone (1999) TV documentary short
Aulofonia Domestica (1999) documentary TV feature
Last Heartbeat (1999) TV documentary short
The Mysterious Interior of Bela gora (1999) documentary short
Breath of a Word - Portrait of Tomaž Pengov, The (1999) TV documentary short
Affairs Quite Near You (1999) TV drama
Maks Fabiani (1999) documentary short
Third Pole, The (1998) documentary TV feature
Hrastovec Calvary (1998) TV documentary short
My Grandfather's Bridges (1998) TV fiction short
Rock 'n Roll Road (1998) TV documentary short
Rave - Till Morning and Beyond (1998) TV documentary short
House of Contrasts (1998) TV documentary short
Apple in the Snow, An: A Portrait of Dušan Pirjevec (1998) TV documentary short
Our Dear Mila - A Portrait of Mila Kačič (1998) TV documentary short
Souvenir (1998) short TV animation
Urban - Sketches for a Portrait of A Musician (1998) TV documentary short
Delights of Language - Portrait of Milan Jesih (1998) TV documentary short
Sirens in the Night (1998) TV documentary short
Gary Lucas & Golem (1998) TV documentary short
Life is a Movie - A Portrait of Angelca Hlebce (1998) TV documentary short
Wanted: Sam Peckinpah (1998) TV documentary short
Motorcult (1998) TV documentary short
Dornava (1997) TV documentary short
I Was Elvis (1997) documentary short
Les Petites Madeleines of Mrs. Radojka Vrančič (1997) TV documentary short
Between Sky And Earth (1997) TV documentary short
Castoffs (1997) TV documentary short
Visit, The (1997) short TV animation
Actor, The (1997) TV documentary short
Portrait Of Alan Hranitelj (1997) TV documentary short
Eternal Ballet Home, An (1997) TV documentary short
Scenes From The Life Of The Hlebanja Family (1997) TV documentary short
Gala (1997) TV drama
Janoš Poreduš (1997) TV drama
Irena (Portrait Of The Flutist Irena Grafenauer) (1997) TV documentary short
Erase Write - Clean The Air (1997) fiction and animation short
Five days in May (1997) fiction TV feature
Credo (1997) TV documentary short
In Everlasting Memory (1997) TV documentary short
Third Eye, The (1997) documentary TV series
Mass For The Executed (1997) TV documentary short
Sex Pistols - Welcome Home (1997) documentary short
My Friend Arnold (1997) TV fiction short
Joško Is Our Neighbour (1997) documentary short
Autumn (1997) TV documentary short
Unknown Thoughts / Neznane misli (1997) TV documentary short
Handcrafts in Slovenia - Roofers (1996) TV documentary short
Heroes of the Fifth Grade (1996) TV series (long)
Outsider (1996) fiction feature
Melitta (1996) fiction TV feature
Triptych of Agata Schwarzkobler (1996) fiction TV feature
Handicrafts in Slovenia - Stonecutters and Stonemasons (1996) TV documentary short
Peter And Petra (1996) fiction short
Srečni Srečko iz Lokve (1996) TV documentary short
The Winners (1996) animation short
Photo Film 2001 (1996) TV documentary short
Handicrafts in Slovenia - Gunmakers (1996) TV documentary short
Triest on the Border (1995) documentary TV feature
Stryptych (1995) fiction TV feature
Fear of Landing, The (1995) fiction short
Radio.doc (1995) fiction TV feature
Durations (1995) TV documentary short
Portrait: Jože Ciuha (1995) TV documentary short
When The Sky Was Burning (1995) documentary TV feature
Bojan The Bear - Musician (1995) animation short
Lojze Woke Up As Usual (1995) student fiction short
The Spirit of the Great Lakes (1995) documentary TV feature
Concrete Man (1995) fiction short
Flashes From The Filming (1995) documentary-cartoon short
War and Negotiations (1995) TV documentary short
Silent Pictures from the Slovenian Film History (1995) documentary short
Erase Write - Cheers (1995) animated fiction short
Dossiers J. K. (1995) TV series (long)
Erase Write - For Health (1995) animated fiction short
Erase Write - For A Green Hill (1995) animated fiction short
Mira (1995) TV fiction short
Predictions of Fire (1994) documentary feature
Makalonca (1994) TV puppet short
Tantadruj (1994) fiction TV feature
Auf dem Weg Zurueck (1994) documentary TV feature
Nebo nad Ženavljami ali Dan, ko nam je Evropa padla na glavo (1994) TV docu-fiction short
Portrait Of Lojze Rozman (1994) TV documentary short
Gloomy Condor (1994) TV documentary short
Brez (1994) TV documentary short
The Flying Machine (1993) fiction feature
France Balantič (1993) TV docu-fiction short
Krka - Health Report Of A River (1993) TV documentary short
Komu zvoni (1993) fiction short
Obrti na Slovenskem - Pletarji (1993) TV documentary short
Obrti na Slovenskem - Medičarji in svečarji (1993) TV documentary short
Kdo bo koga (1993) TV series (long)
When I Close My Eyes (1993) fiction feature
The Birth of Lear (1993) documentary feature
Štala (1993) documentary short
Obrti na Slovenskem - Apnarji in oglarji (1993) TV documentary short
Razgledi slovenskih vrhov (1993) documentary TV series
Porabje - Kak nejga zelenega konja, tak nejga čednoga Slovenca (1993) TV documentary short
Oči Bosne... (1993) TV documentary short
Čudenja in zrenja (pesnik Jože Snoj) (1993) TV documentary short
Nasmeh pod pajčolanom (1993) fiction TV feature
Village Teacher (1993) TV fiction short
Obrti na Slovenskem - Sodarji (1993) TV documentary short
Everything Is Under Control (1992) fiction short
Miss Mary (1992) fiction TV feature
Rojstvo naroda (1992) TV documentary short
Opera Mobile (1992) TV documentary short
The President (1992) fiction TV feature
A Prelude To Summer (1992) short ballet TV film
B. E. R. N. I. K. (1992) documentary TV feature
Državno prvenstvo v streljanju (1992) TV documentary short
Šalamun v Babilonu (1992) TV documentary short
Zdravljica (1992) fiction short
Tic Tac Toe (1992) fiction short
Sejem pripadnosti (1992) fiction short
Fant, pobratim smrti (1992) TV documentary short
Najpomembnejše se sporoča v tišini (1992) TV documentary short
Grouse, The (1991) documentary short
Tales From The Honey Flowerhouse (serial in three parts) (1991) TV series (long)
The Case Of Felix Langus or How To Seize Freedom (1991) fiction TV feature
Jezuiti se vračajo (1991) TV documentary short
Love, Kranj Style (1991) fiction TV feature
Za resnični konec vojne (1991) documentary TV feature
Rogenrol (1991) documentary TV feature
Operation Cartier (1991) fiction TV feature
Čudoviti svet mineralov (1991) documentary TV series
Tek za življenje (1990) TV documentary short
Bajke na Slovenskem (1990) documentary TV series
Prihod (1990) TV documentary short
Volite mene (1990) TV documentary short
Black Orchid (1989) fiction TV feature
Tevžej (1989) fiction short
Letters (1986) TV series (short)
Pahljača mladosti (1985) TV fiction short
Kugy (1984) TV series (long)
Natural Parks of Slovenia (0) documentary TV series
Za naše goste iz tujine (0) documentary TV series
Return to California (0) TV drama
Kakor v nebesih tako na zemlji (0) student documentary short
Gobe na Slovenskem (0) documentary TV series
Pirandello (2008) fiction short