Gustav film d.o.o.


Executive Producer
Adria Blues (2013) fiction
Moderne Kunst (2017) fiction short
Koko and the Ghosts (2011) fiction
Co-production Company
Septembrska klasa (2019) documentary feature
Come Along (2016) fiction
Sotto (2016) experimental
The High Sun (2015) fiction
9:06 (2009) fiction feature
The Film Before the Altar (2006) documentary TV film
Window (2002) fiction short
Production Company
Erased (2018) fiction feature
Let him be a Basketball Player (2017) fiction
Mother (2016) fiction
Gone Wishing (2016) animation
The Beat Of Love (2015) fiction
Adria Blues (2013) fiction
A girl and a Tree (2012) unknown
The Visit (2010) fiction short
Dad (2010) fiction feature
9:06 (2009) fiction feature
Letter to a Child (2008) documentary (2007) fiction feature
Teah (2006) fiction feature
Peterka: Year of Decision (2003) documentary feature
Letter to a Child (2008) documentary