Dissident / Disident (2002)

6min / animated short, Short TV Documentary / Short TV Drama

A dissident is a dissident. Everything would be moral if the dissident were not a bean, who saw things differently. The government of ‿beandom‿ sentenced the bean to death in the interest of the system. But they made a grave mistake of burying the bean into the ground. In the spring legumes sprouted out of the dissident bean and resulted in countless new ‿dissidents‿.

Film crew

Director: Zdravko Barišić
Screenwriter: Zdravko Barišić
D.O.P.: Zdravko Barišić
Chief Animator: Zdravko Barišić
Music author: Urban Koder
Editor: Zdravko Barišić
Sound designer: Zdravko Barišić


Co-producer: TV Slovenija
Production Company: Arsmedia d.o.o.

Technical data

Film format: betacam
Aspect ratio: /
Colours: color
Sound: unknown